Grand Theft Auto IV golden, already in transit

Rockstar Games' heavily anticipated open-world action adventure for Xbox 360, PS3 has entered mass production and is "en route to retailers" for April 29 release.


Say so long to those delay rumors. While word has yet to come on whether Take-Two will accede to Electronic Arts' $2 billion acquisition offer, one scenario that will not occur is analysts' speculated delay of Grand Theft Auto IV.

During Take-Two's shareholders' meeting today, the publisher said that GTAIV has gone gold. The game is "in production and in trucks en route to retailers," proclaimed Take-Two CEO Ben Feder. Rated M for Mature, GTAIV will be released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on April 29.

Though it won't be released for another 12 days, industry watchers have already projected a massive debut from the next installment in Rockstar North's prized franchise. Last October, Janco Partner's Mike Hickey projected global opening-week sales of more than 9.5 million, with 5.8 million units turning up in US consumers' hands alone. Earlier this week, Variety reported that sources within Take-Two fully expect the game to sell some 6 million units in its opening week, generating revenue in excess of $400 million.

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yes it is too late for EA. the end is nigh EA Repet repet!!

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Well all this means is that some kid is gong to get an their hands on it before the 29th is going to post advanced game play on youtube and everyone is going to be drooling all over it.

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Hey, Boss. I feel something coming on. My chest is tight, my stomache is kweeeezy. No, no, I'm fine right now, it feels like a 72 hour virus coming on but not quite effecting me yet. Just as a heads up I think the virus won't really kick in for about a week and half, but them I likely to be out for a couple of days. I'm speaking from experience boss, this happened to me once before about 3 and half years ago.

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12 days left

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I can't believe people actually fell for what that stupid "analyst" said in the first place. He was just trying to sound smart.

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i need this game NOW!

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Now all we can hope for is a foolish retailer to break the street so we can get copies early.

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Yihaaaa ! 1,2,3,4 Bang Bang Bang Bang 1,2,3,4 Bang Bang Bang Bang !!!!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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My prediction - First day sales (combined system us sales) 3 million units First week sales: 5 million units (us only) First year sales: 10 million (world wide) Lifetime Sales: ~20 million+ (console only) System Spread after 1 year: 35/65 360/PS3

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"One scenario that will not occur is analysts' speculated delay of Grand Theft Auto IV." - Thank God!!

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yeah thats goood!!!!!

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Great to hear, just two more weeks to go. :)

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thats what i like to hear!

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Oh my god, this game is going to be so awesome!

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If it's anything thing like San Andreas it's good. Most likely better after all the talk I've heard about the unprecedented level of customization

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Amazing how the US Economy is sucking but yet we can afford to have 5.8 million units sold in our economy. Anyhow I cant wait untill i get my hands on this SOB. Got my SE awaiting...or should i say i am awaiting my SE!!!

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Damn, this news actually gets me feeling giddy! it's just a game, its just a game, calm down! lol.

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whoop whoop!

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oh man oh man oh man I can't wait.. preordered the special edition :D sony and microsoft fans are in for a treat ^^

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Haha and one of those six mill is all mine!!!! lol sweet cant wait start some serious ownage in LC.

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The world's economy is going to shut down the week after Sunday.

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Yes, yes and more yes.. I cant wait for this game its gonna be awesome!!!

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Yes, it is coming my way!

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cmon! release already!

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Don King is Annoying.

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Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, its almost here!!

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awsome EA can take another company GTA 4 LIFE £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££

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Reviews are starting to surface!!!! << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>

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Glad I pre-ordered, good ol-walmart pre-orders never fail! unlike eb games that has screwed me over on the last 4 games I pre-ordered!

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I just realized, 11 DAYS TO GO!!!!!

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I am getting this one for the PS3. This franchise saw its largest share for market in the PS consoles... I will stick to the PS3 though I also have the 360. One thing that does worry me a bit... if developing for the PS3 was so difficult... was it the PS3? the reason for the delay? Intersting stuff to sort out... food for thoughts as well. Still, this IS the BEST, release for any console YET.

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"Sigh" not long now....... :-)

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They're doing it right by shipping them now. Just think of the potential riots that would be created if the retailers were to get GTA IV via their normal UPS deliveries. That would mean ithe game would ship on the 29th & be in the stores on the 30th (as they usually are @ Gamestop). Then, you'll have all these gamers lined up cussing out UPS & the store employees because they're taking to long. And then, once the first box is open & the 1st copy of GTA IV is pulled out will be like Wall Street when the trading day begins. All Hades will break loose. Fights will ensue, feelings will be hurt, then the cops would have to be called in to reinstitue order by making every one go outside & fill out a police report. Then, you're arsed out because that's longer you have to wait for your copy of the game & you'd also be on the local news. You know the networks are going to be fishing for a story considering how controversial Rock Star has been over the past 5 or 10 years. On a side bar... why is the main character russian? Is it to appease all the races when it comes to stereotypes in video games? Shoot... who cares, I don't care if the main character is a Swedish yodelling ugly chick with dirty blonde ponytails as long as the game is good.

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Yuck_Too mean the Analysts were wrong?!...They didn't delay it to get a "Christmas rush"? Let this be a lesson everyone...Analysts just like to see their names in the news...easiest way to do that is to make inflammatory predictions.

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Cool i think this will be the best gta EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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cannot wait

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They're shipping it to retailers already?? Why? If it doesn't release until April 29, that's just ASKING for a leak or trouble..... Anyway, i'm taking a day off work to play this game ALL DAY LONG!! And yes, I am 31 yrs old...... ;)

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Dont even bring god, or any other fairy tale religion into a videogame message board......or Santa Claus or the Easter bunny...GTA4..cant wait

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If I could play as a topless chick, I would have preordered. It is just wrong for GTA not to have a topless female main character in this day and time. It shows that they don't care.

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Wow Take-Two has some pretty high expectations for the game, I wonder if GTAIV can indeed pull through?

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im just trying to forget about it so april 29th will come faster.

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@ swisdwag... HUH?!?!? Whatever floats your boat.

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Can't wait.