Grand Theft Auto IV golden, already in transit

Rockstar Games' heavily anticipated open-world action adventure for Xbox 360, PS3 has entered mass production and is "en route to retailers" for April 29 release.


Say so long to those delay rumors. While word has yet to come on whether Take-Two will accede to Electronic Arts' $2 billion acquisition offer, one scenario that will not occur is analysts' speculated delay of Grand Theft Auto IV.

During Take-Two's shareholders' meeting today, the publisher said that GTAIV has gone gold. The game is "in production and in trucks en route to retailers," proclaimed Take-Two CEO Ben Feder. Rated M for Mature, GTAIV will be released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on April 29.

Though it won't be released for another 12 days, industry watchers have already projected a massive debut from the next installment in Rockstar North's prized franchise. Last October, Janco Partner's Mike Hickey projected global opening-week sales of more than 9.5 million, with 5.8 million units turning up in US consumers' hands alone. Earlier this week, Variety reported that sources within Take-Two fully expect the game to sell some 6 million units in its opening week, generating revenue in excess of $400 million.

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Some idiot is gonna buy a copy before it gets release and ruin it for the rest of us. I happened with San Andreas and Halo and it might happen again.

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This game is gonna be cool

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ha I guess I might be able to get this the friday before it comes out like I did with Halo 3, if u live in new york city, just look for a mom and pop store not a chain store

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im gonna have to find me one of these trucks and steal me a copy

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Random GTA snippets: I read yesterday that brit comedian Ricky Gervais will feature in the game - as himself. The story works in some excuse for Nico to go to a comedy club, for which Gervais has recorded a series of 3 min spots mixing new and old material ( I am generally looking forward to this game.

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i wouldnt be surprised if it made the $400 million in the first week

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Let's bring it on!

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Can't wait for this game!

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@shabab12 - See please can't we all get along! sigh.... yes i do know a fair bit thank u. Storage space is a major factor. why do u think they couldn't use all weather effects day/night effects on all tracks on the PGR4? Obviously it wasn't because the system can't handle is as it clearly can due to the amount of tracks that DO offer full weather and day conditions.. but the reason it can't do it is because there is only DVD sized storage space in the 360, they just didn't have enuf space on the DVD to put in the extra textures and various other bits.. same thing with 1080p is the textures have to be of a higher quality and as a result makes for much higher space requirements. Small resolution.. small texture- not much space needed... big resolution NATIVE. Big texture Lots of detail.lots of space... Anyway GTA!!!! Wooo p.S.... its taking them long enuf to make GT as it is... 1080p native games will take much longer to develop as a result... due to the amount of content they have to input.. doesn't bother me tho as long as they get it right when its finally released. (and please don't tell me that u have the FULL version of GT5 because then i will lol at u)

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Looks like GTA is goin' green literally! This game is going to be so popular online. I'm gettin' the Collectors Edition.

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What's the deal? Anyone have any new info? I am hearing (1up boards) that GTA for PS3 has a mandatory install - will look a little better, run a little better, and support optional motion control. Real or talk?

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SWEEEETT! @SyrusKahn The collector's edition of course! there's nothing more original then that! if your ever going to buy a collectors edition this is the one!

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EA is so going down! GTA IV is gonna kick ass!! I went to work and came back and just responded to someone lol'ing me. to say i was slightly peeved is an understatement. We have summat in common.. we play games.. just get along eh? THANK YOU R*!!!

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OLD!! I already bought mine, @ 12:17a this morn and I have NOT slept a wink! LOL! Just playin'. Don't u hate when the extra dorky post that non-sense? Yet, I do have to admit that when Vice City came out, I went to the store 2hrs earlier than the time they were supposed to have it, which was the day before the official release date, and had to wait for 7 HOURS cuz the truck was having probs finding the store...supposedly. Didn't get my copy until after 1a the next day. I contemplated just going home empty handed but then I would be just that, I thought - empty handed. Hence, I stayed THEN didn't stop playin' once I got home and called out of class. My instructor and classmates made much fun of my dorkiness but, eh, it happens. lol

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in true GTA style im gonna hijack one of those trucks and steal one copy but ill also leave my money behind so im not technically stealing so longas the money makes it back to rockstar in some form.

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Do want.

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tears of joy...

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Take that EA! lol

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will retailers ship the preorders earlier so so they can make it too my home by the 29th, or should i just get it at wal-mart

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cant wait

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Hey Spoon, There is a bug on some PS3's that keep games from auto playing in 1080P, if the game is 1080 P on the back and won't play, uncheck everything but 1080P and it will play in that resolution. There are several games that support 1080P, just check the back cover.

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thank god.

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How bout it guys... Which is worth it, The standard edition or the Collectors (with the bag and deposit box)?

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Got both systems both definely getting this on xbox 360 because of the exclusive XBLive downloading material.

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put some pikes on the road plz!

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msbcxheat is right. has anybody played the last THREE gta3-style console games? whne did you EVER see a prerendered scene in san andreas? people make the stupidest comments on here and think they're true gamers. stick to, idiots

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There wont be any HUD in GTA IV.

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@SpoonHeroSR That's because the PS3 runs the game in it's native resolution, 720p. The X360 upscales the game, upscaling a game doesn't do much in most cases. It's a lot better if a game is natively 1080p.

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That is because the highest resolution games that you are playing for the PS3 right now is 720p. Not a lot of games good games out there on ps3 are 1080p

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to the gameplay footage message: All trailers that have been released are showing actual IN GAME footage. This game does not use any rendered CG movies. All video footage of this game to date has been actual in-game-engine footage, just the HUD is taken off and the camera angles changed for a more theatrical style/feel

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youre wrong everytime I start my ps3 at 1080p and then out in a game it readjust to 720p but never happens to my 360.

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i work for a games retailer, and i know how much hype there is. i have ordered my 2 special editions and one standard for my brother. i am working the midnight launch, and cannot wait to tell about 40 - 50 pre-pubers to take a hike when they ask for a copy of gta 4 . by the way, even if some of u guys do boycott gta 4 if it gets delayed, u will play it at an arcade or at a friends or relatives house cos u have waited for it and u will in a way "need" it, in the same way that a baby needs a toy. it will not be essential to your living, but because u will want it soooo bad because u waited for it for sooo long and read every article about it, your will power will not stop u playing

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great news!!

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I knew it,Analyst dont know squat...Take-Two fully expect the game to sell some 6 million units in its opening week...thats just for reserves, what about the people like me who havent reserved like me. I plan to get the special Edition because i feel its going to be the last great game in the series, after EA takes over, because all Take-two is waiting for is GTA sales before they can sell the company for what for what its worth. There selling a multimillion dollar doesnt come cheap.

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(Wow Kenji_Masamune ) My prediction - First day sales (combined system us sales) 3 million units First week sales: 5 million units (us only) First year sales: 10 million (world wide) Lifetime Sales: ~20 million+ (console only) System Spread after 1 year: 35/65 360/PS3 (your crystal ball is broke or something)

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thats great i knew the delay rurmor was BS

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@DaveGray You have any idea when they will be released? Just wondering whats best get first, GTA4 or COD4

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@ n0kiasn4ke I don't believe that any gameplay footage has been released for either console. ...just trailers.

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dam 12 days have never gone by so slow

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Does anyone know where i can find a video of the GTA4 gameplay for PS3?

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The net worth for T2 just got bigger; EA's going have to rethink their bid.

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In twelve days, say goodbye to Halo 3's fastest selling record!

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Sorry SSgt, but there is no way GoW 2 is going to beat this out for game of the year.

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grand theft auto IV hey kool-aid oh yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah

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cant wait for GTA IV

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The game can sell big but the question remains will it be game of the year with Gears of War 2 coming out at the end of this year!

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Should hope so too. 11 days left! EA you can back off now :)