Grand Theft Auto IV golden, already in transit

Rockstar Games' heavily anticipated open-world action adventure for Xbox 360, PS3 has entered mass production and is "en route to retailers" for April 29 release.


Say so long to those delay rumors. While word has yet to come on whether Take-Two will accede to Electronic Arts' $2 billion acquisition offer, one scenario that will not occur is analysts' speculated delay of Grand Theft Auto IV.

During Take-Two's shareholders' meeting today, the publisher said that GTAIV has gone gold. The game is "in production and in trucks en route to retailers," proclaimed Take-Two CEO Ben Feder. Rated M for Mature, GTAIV will be released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on April 29.

Though it won't be released for another 12 days, industry watchers have already projected a massive debut from the next installment in Rockstar North's prized franchise. Last October, Janco Partner's Mike Hickey projected global opening-week sales of more than 9.5 million, with 5.8 million units turning up in US consumers' hands alone. Earlier this week, Variety reported that sources within Take-Two fully expect the game to sell some 6 million units in its opening week, generating revenue in excess of $400 million.

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Hmmmm Uni exams or GTA IV.....GTA IV!!!!

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I can't wait to drive the appropriate speed limit around Liberty City, picking up the various pieces of trash people dump on the ground...and recycling them! It's going to be great! Then, I'm going to buy a homeless shelter and easily get 80 hours of play just feeding bums! YES! This game is gonna be tit yo!

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haha pharos, i face the same dilema ;P

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Is it sad that I took vacation days on April 29 and 30th just to veg out on the couch and play GTA? my god my 360 is going to get a hell of a workout over the next couple months

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hmmmmm Grand Theft Auto 4......A Level final exams..... Grand Theft Auto 4......Getting a place in University..... hmmmm................ GTA4!!!!!!!!

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Its gonna be a good one...I know it

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anyone know the difference between 1080i and 1080p. i got 1080i at the moment and got 1080p on its there a big difference to the picture quality? hell im only getting a new tv for this game haha.madness i tell ya::) and im after a white ps3 there on then ill have 360.ps3 and a wii.although wii is just a family based machine it has some good points!! man im clucking like a **** for this game :D

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If the 360 wasn't coming out with GTA... you could divide all those statistics by 4.

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Man this next week is going to go so slow. Maybe if i freeze myself.....

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video of the ps3 version is like area might be out there, but we won't find out about it until the invasion is upon us. i assume the ps3 version, much like madden '08, will have a lower framerate than it's 360 counterpart, so it may not make the best promo material. rockstar shoould've taken advantage of all that space on blu-ray and power in the ps3 to give it a unique edge and dlc, only because i'm sick of sony fanboys crying foul. gta is NOT a playstation game. hell, it started on the pc, and there hasn't even been a version announced on that platform. mark my words, it will be soon. the masses are served first, fanboys second. but back to the playstaion, they purchased the exclusive rights to release gta games first on the ps2, so they should've expected microsoft to strike a similar deal with dlc. one that would inspire m-soft ship-jumpers to get rad fake tatts

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i gana take it from gamestop but i think i'am not gona make it from the frist time i meen the frist day (april 29) lol gamestop gana make a milos for $$$$$$$ but they got to take more copys of it !!!!

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OMG YESSSSS almost here i have sunday monday off so ima sleep all day monday and get it at 12 am monday night and play it for 7 hours before work lol n e one else

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Well Alex I took Monday to Friday off to play it ;) But I haven't had any time off since Xmas so I need it xD

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getting mine on the 28th! :) booked 3 whole days off work to play it lol. (yes im sad)

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F*** YEAH !!!

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its finally coming, feels great.

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yeah game had there last preorders for standard game on the 7th .thats when i preordered mine.luckily..but the special edition as far as i know is still available. i just wanna drive around slow and see the graphical details see just how real it does look.then ill tare up the streets:D anyway i hope you all get your copies and enjoy the ride :)

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i just preorderd it yesterday

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tried to preorder from gameplay and they have'nt had enough copies for uk release date for months now how SERIOUSLY WEAK YOU GUYS

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cant w8 :D oh well iv got mgo beta to keep me going til the beast is free :D :D

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Its been reviewed by offical uk box magaizne uk, search google, they have scans you can read its 8 page review 10/10

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i hope the multiplayer dont have any bugs with this game.. vegas 2 was laggy at first then it sorted itself out.theres nothing worse then lagg :| same with team fortress 2. but i got a feeling all is gonna be smooth:) 8 more days till mayhem !!!!

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i am a pure mega fan of GTA's. i had a very hard time of gettin gta san andreas when it first came out, kept goin to my near shoppin centre the 2nd day it was out then in the end we rang woolworths nd it had 2 copies in so we reserved one then went straight there. but for GTA IV, i've pre-ordered it off zavvi for £38.99 nd it comes wid 3 months free xbox live. gonna be the best gta ever by miles, can't wait! online mode gonna be sick mint!! 8 days left....... get in you maggots!!

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"Gawd some of you kids are **** read a book between these games." ...books? This goes for all you getting the gta guide as well. There's something very wrong about needing to be told what to do. Especially in grand theft auto. I wish to punch bums and shopkeepers in the face on my own accord thanks.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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I wish for a day this comes to PC and has as many as 100 players like san andreas multiplayer.. in the meantime i have Mario kart wii and the 360 version of GTA IV coming to keep me busy :D

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cumming? is that what i think it means?

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lucky b****es .....i gotta wait till it comes out on PC (hopefully) sigh!

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I don't think I've ever taken time off work just to play a game, but I am this time! Bet everywhere sells out before I get there. boo.

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Only 9 days left, man, the wait is almost unbearable.

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OH YA! resrved my SE so what should i use to open it... A crowbar. nah Ill use a shotty... D*** that will blow a hole through the game guess ill have to use the freakin key. (And ill be "sick" for a couple of weeks)

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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My SE & guide will be waiting for me the morning of the 29th. How many felonies can I commit in the 1st hour of play?

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my local gamestop will be re-opening the store at 1200am april 29th for the release so i imagine most gamestops may do so too

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that is good news.

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Gawd some of you kids are **** read a book between these games.

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Almost here! cant wait to free roam on the multiplayer and burn that city to the ground

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SWEET! cant wait to run over my first pedestrian LOL

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and i got 46inch samsung 1080p lcd on its ready to commit crimes :D

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damn jasapon not having a ps3 or 360 for this game .is like having a hard on with no hands haha.i feel for ya coz im itching to see them vehcles to pinch and hookers to abuse.and oh yeah them cops to chase my backside :) dayum i could kiss a fat girl im so happy haha

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ffs i still don't have a ps3/360

Avatar image for xkojimax

HELL YEAH!!! i've been waiting so long ... -_-

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KISS TAKE TWO'S A** EA!!!!!!! W0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000T!!!!

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IN YO FACE EA !!!!!!! HA! HA! HA!

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eat that EA!!!

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I hope it keeps me entertained until GTA V (rolls eyes) haha. First thing I'm doing is trying that multiplayer out. Or grab a motorbike and pop a few 100metre wheelies. I better take a few weeks off work...