Grand Theft Auto IV golden, already in transit

Rockstar Games' heavily anticipated open-world action adventure for Xbox 360, PS3 has entered mass production and is "en route to retailers" for April 29 release.


Say so long to those delay rumors. While word has yet to come on whether Take-Two will accede to Electronic Arts' $2 billion acquisition offer, one scenario that will not occur is analysts' speculated delay of Grand Theft Auto IV.

During Take-Two's shareholders' meeting today, the publisher said that GTAIV has gone gold. The game is "in production and in trucks en route to retailers," proclaimed Take-Two CEO Ben Feder. Rated M for Mature, GTAIV will be released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on April 29.

Though it won't be released for another 12 days, industry watchers have already projected a massive debut from the next installment in Rockstar North's prized franchise. Last October, Janco Partner's Mike Hickey projected global opening-week sales of more than 9.5 million, with 5.8 million units turning up in US consumers' hands alone. Earlier this week, Variety reported that sources within Take-Two fully expect the game to sell some 6 million units in its opening week, generating revenue in excess of $400 million.

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"GTA IV gone gold"- Thats music to my ears....

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Gongrats Rockstar :) And god job ;)

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This Mario Kart Wii and Persona 3 All within a week the video game companies must be trying to kill us with all these good games coming out with lack of sleep.

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I just have to hold on for a little while longer.

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I'm not even a die-hard GTA player, and I'm totally looking forward to the hours and hours of nutty next-gen GTA-ness that is coming. And the mystery multiplayer additions, the DLC packs planned, the tunes... it's got legs.

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Yes, yes yes. Gaming heaven is on its way. See you all in Liberty City.

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That is awesome news.