Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete edition coming Oct. 26 - Retail Radar

Amazon, GameStop list $40 complete content bundle for Xbox 360, PS3; new SKU packs in GTAIV, The Lost and Damned, and The Ballad of Gay Tony.


According to megaretailers Amazon and GameStop, BioWare's Dragon Age: Origins isn't the only title getting a complete edition later this month. A product listing popped up on both retailers' Web sites overnight for an inclusive version of Rockstar Game's hotly popular Grand Theft Auto IV due out at the end of the month.

 Niko Bellic, Johnny Klebitz, and Luis Lopez come together for the Complete edition.
Niko Bellic, Johnny Klebitz, and Luis Lopez come together for the Complete edition.

According to the Amazon and GameStop product listings, Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete will hit the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 26 priced at $39.99. The new product was not listed by either retailer for release on the PC.

According to the game's box art, the Complete edition of Grand Theft Auto IV will contain the top-rated game as well as two previously released downloadable mission expansions, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, which have since been bundled into the Episodes from Liberty City pack.

Rockstar Games has not officially announced the new edition of Grand Theft Auto, but a complete content bundle would seem likely given the intense popularity of the franchise. As of press time Rockstar had not responded to GameSpot's request for comment or clarification on the matter, nor had any international listings for the bundle been spotted.

For more on the series, check out GameSpot's review of Grand Theft Auto IV, The Lost and Damned, and The Ballad of Gay Tony.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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same here about trading in my gta IV copy even if I don't get much for it. been wanting to try the DLC's for months but never had the chance to. And since it'll probably won't be until 2012 (or later) before we see another gta game, this will keep me happy for many months.

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hmm, i might actually sell my gta iv and pick up this complete edition, but it depends on how much i can get for it

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That would be nice. I love collecting this game series. Plus it will save the consumer a little bit. Insted of haveing to buy 3 diffrent games.

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Most big selling games do this to get whatever extra money they can out of it and I don't blame them. By doing this they are making it interesting purchase for the people that may have not had a PS3 or 360 at the time, people that may have been too young at the time, or people like me that are cheap and rented the game when it came out and now look at all you get for $40 and think that doesn't look like a bad price.

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Some people just avoid the hype and the bugs of a freshly-pressed game. Even if they didn't have a GOTY edition, people could hit the bargain bin and get games and add-ons for cheap. Now, if there was content exclusive to the GOTY edition, then there wouldn't be a debate at all - there would be an angry mob out there with propane torches and katanas (I had to update the cliche). So, there are a few people who wait for the true-gold, ultra-patched GOTY edition to hit stores, especially since it's usually a few bucks cheaper than the sum of the prices of the original game and all the DLC. Those people are few, but they do exist. I considered it for Borderlands, but I bought it and the first double-feature disc (I buy discs because it saves me time in making backup discs). Now that the GOTY edition seems to be coming out at the exact same time as the last DLC, I'm wondering if I shouldn't have waited. It would have been cheaper, and for all the time I've played it, my characters would be level 69 rather than capped off at level 50. The extra levels (and corresponding level-based loot) would have helped massively in the Moxxi DLC upper tiers.

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shkar, it's never too late to play GTA, what are you a poser GTA fan or something?

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I agree with the comments opposing this. It is unnecessary. If you wanted to buy it, you would have it now. The same goes for the DLC. If you didn't buy either the game or the DLC then it is because you just didn't want them that badly in the first place. All this bollocks about people "waiting for this type of collection" to be released are talking out of their arses. It was very possible that a collection like this was never going to happen, so what would you have done then? Were you ever actually planning on buying these games in the first place? Or do you have some kind of crystal ball? No, this is clearly just a cash in job to see if they can weed out just a few more sales before GTA5. And if you fall for it, then more fool you.

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dude i may buy a ps3 within 3 months .if so yes this is on top of my list

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it's too late to play GTA4 now ....C'mon it's been out for 2 years...

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@jaymib Of course it's another way to make money. You think they would have released it to lose money? Why do so many gamers think developers aren't interested in making money? That's what businesses do.

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its a good thing i haven't bought the dlc's..been waiting for this type of collection for a long time now

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How many people really going to get this? most people got GTA 4 and then played the DLs. Seems like a other way to make money off a game thats been out for almost 2 years! Isn't time for a new GTA?

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PC is dead for Rockstar

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@ Jim_the_Drunk your comment about kojima not actively working on rising is false. he is as of now the executive producer. and how is rising not a real metal gear game? and i did state i wasnt sure about valve having games on the ps3. but sony is not a saint system either. the company that INVENTED backwards compatibility with their ps2 all of a sudden decides that they wanna get rid of it because people should not be able to enjoy their classics. i would also like to note that you didnt comment on sonys ridiculous warranty system. try sending them your ps3 without a receipt in your first year to claim the warranty. not to mention try to get away with not paying any fees to have it fixed. ill take a free fix for a red ring over a $125 fix on an amber light any day

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well hopefully they will still have just the dlc bundle disc...i still have GTA IV

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I honestly was beginning to wonder if this was ever going to be released. And I am SO glad I waited now. I just wonder which console I should get it on... It's tough to say beforehand which will be the superior version. PS3 has blu ray of course, so space isn't an issue, whereas the 360 might have problems with this. But the the series up until now has looked better on the 360...

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@9thedevilmaycry I agree, so many games this gen all they improved was the graphics and the level of details; people treats those games like they were huge improvement.

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in gta4 i find killing myself fun because of the phisics

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well by now we allready bought all the gta4 games anyway

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How is it a stupid idea when they did the same thing when they made the collection for GTA III,VC & SA

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@da_illest101 apparently gamespot is now rounding off all the game scores to the nearest 0.5 even before gta4 was reveiwed. and I agree with you, gta4 was lacking features compared to san andreas. seems today everyone cares so much about graphics, if graphics are so important, why not just buy the demo?

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@da_illest101 - Think of GTA IV as the new GTA III. If you remember, a lot of traditional GTA stuff was lost in the transition from GTA 2 to GTA III. Same has happened with GTA IV. I bet that you'll see much more features in the next actual GTA game.

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Hmm. If I was to get this, would I have to keep switching discs like I would if I got the Episodes of Liberty standalone disc? Or are the episodic packs installable to your HDD?

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ever ytime i hear about gta 4, every time i'll remember the bad taste it left in my mouth, how this game got a ten when it was lacking so many features compare to san andreas is beyond me

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Despite having these games already on my Xbox 360, it would be nice to have them on my Playstation 3.

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Too bad I already downloaded both DLC's.

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@ zo70 "Final Fantasy 13( Oh Wait yall Lost that)" lol you can keep it i'll wait for versus thanks and as for MGS coming to xbox thing yes the raiden ninja game but not MGS:4 but what is more concerning is how bored you must be to come here and troll for a fight i also like how in one post you said you down own an xbox and in another you own all the consoles i just find it very sad you have nothing better to do with your time

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hey who cares I played GTA4 and beat it, I boiught Episodes from liberty city and beat both titles that came with that, so I don't care. I'm not a real fan of GTA but I enjoy thier story telling it is great.

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@RGDT021 interesting... the 4th was the only GTA game that i liked

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@ zo70 what in the world is a scepticle?. . oh wait, i just googled it, sorry about your condition.

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Thank God I waited and didnt buy LCS a few weeks ago

Avatar image for X-RS

and now ill just wait before ever buying another blockbuster...

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@ blakeney We would have to be entered in order to be exited, right? :)

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@manciokass, holycrap you read my mind dude! I was just gonna say the exact same thing and then I read your comment haha

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i have it complete

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@ Lazay727 No, it's not. Episodes From Liberty City does not come with Grand Theft Auto IV.

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"Milk it to the last drop" (C)

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this is the same exact thing as episodes from liberty city. wtf

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I bought a brand new copy of GTA IV (PC) on Amazon for $16.99, and that's all their getting out of me, for now. Although I am tempted at the deal going on right now: $10.95 for Episodes from Liberty City (PC). On a side note, I feel sorry for anyone who payed the full price for GTA IV.

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@ lock445 I agree, they usually wouldve by now! This must be the last "release" to get us exited, before they give us the first bit of info!

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since i have GTA IV all i need now is for liberty stories to drop to $20 and ill buy it

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this is why i wait.

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I just want to add that; we have got to come to some conclusion with these games. If day 1 I feel like buying the game, just give me the full complete game, I don't want to spend another $40 on DLC; then turn around a year later and your packaging all the goods into one box, for a much lesser price. Please people if we could come together as gamers and understand we are being robbed out here... WHY IN THE HELL IS GTAIV w/ THE DLC's coming out at $40!!???? I would've just waited, their is no reason to rush and play games or even try to finish them unless your getting paid too. I'm Gone.

Avatar image for tenaus

And the comments are filled with fanboys, great.

Avatar image for GamingDude1123

This a really good deal and iam definte going to get this gta iv alone is 29.99 and your geting gay tony and lost and damed for only 10 bucks more and there like 30$ alone so geting a very good deal definte buy for me

Avatar image for Toysoldier34

@That doesn't make sense, its common knowledge that the 360 is on its downfall.

Avatar image for Linkari

@9pc I totally agree. Strong gaming rivals promote better quality games. I forget where I read it but if the Sega Genesis didn't come out when it did, then Nintendo would keep pushing its aging NES as its flagship console for YEARS. When they saw how Sonic trumped the Super Mario Bros 3, they stepped up their game and made the SNES.

Avatar image for Linkari

I hope this means that GTA V will be announced soon, even if that means waiting until E3 next year. For such a big title, I can't see them announcing it until some big game event, not a random oridinary day.

Avatar image for boarwar

2 little 2 late..... gta V? AGENT?????