Grand Theft Auto III Xbox a no-show at E3?

The highly anticipated Xbox version of Grand Theft Auto III will not be shown at the Rockstar booth.


Take-Two Interactive, the publisher behind the Rockstar Games and Gathering of Developers labels, has announced its lineup for E3. Perhaps more interesting than the games that are mentioned in the announcement are the games that aren't mentioned. Namely, Grand Theft Auto III and State of Emergency for the Xbox, both of which have been announced by Take-Two in various financial reports, but have all but vanished since that announcement. Take-Two representatives offered no comment when asked about the lack of GTAIII Xbox in Take-Two's E3 plans.

As for the rest of Take-Two's lineup, the company will be showing the following console games:

Smuggler's Run: Warzones (GC)
Celebrity Deathmatch (PS2)
Conflict: Desert Storm (PS2, Xbox, GC)
Spec Ops: Airborne Division (PS)
Austin Powers Pinball (PS)
Duke Nukem Advance (GBA)

It's also expected that the recently announced Midnight Club 2 will show up in one form or another, though that title wasn't included in the announcement. We'll have more info on all these games next week.

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