Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Dataminers Have Uncovered A Secret UFO Mission

There's a new UFO model hidden away in GTA Online, but there's no way to legitimately activate the mission yet.


Grand Theft Auto V is a game with many paranormal and alien secrets, and more continue to come to its Online mode over time. A group of dataminers have found evidence of a new alien spacecraft in the game, and activated a mission that has been added to the game's files but is not properly accessible yet.

Kotaku has reported on the Fort Zancudo UFO Business Battle, which was uncovered by The Game File Gurus. The mission, which quietly slipped into the game's code alongside the Summer Special update, involves breaking into the hanger the UFO is being stored in and stealing spaceship parts.

You can watch the mission--which likely isn't in its final form--in the video from The Game File Gurus below.

This all started when the datamining team found a new, huge UFO model in the game's files, and eventually discovering that it was tied to a Business Battle mission. In this one, you need to take the spaceship parts to Omega, an alien obsessive who is part of GTA's larger narrative.

It's unclear if there's a way to actually activate this mission normally right now--or if, perhaps, Rockstar North wanted dataminers to find it. It's possible that you actually can make this mission start without needing to fiddle with the game's code, but no one has figured out how yet.

Rockstar recently renewed a domain for GTA 6, but don't expect the game any time soon--GTA V is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X, along with GTA Online, and we imagine they'll remain big for a while yet. This release will feature next-gen exclusive content for GTA Online.

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