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Grand Theft Auto 4's Open World Is Still Fantastic 10 Years Later

Niko's friends still want to go bowling.

In 2008, Grand Theft Auto IV came at a time when open-world games were a dime a dozen. With the open-world framework set by GTA III, where player agency inside a large and expansive setting is given all the focus, Rockstar Games' big return to the criminal underworld of Liberty City had to overcome some high expectations and other competitors that advanced the genre even further. Though GTA IV found remarkable critical and commercial success, many fans found the game's more grounded and subdued tone to be somewhat jarring, especially compared to GTA San Andreas' outlandish, over-the-top campaign.

When you look at GTA IV in the broader sense, it was more interested in immersing players into the atmosphere of Liberty City. With a larger cast of characters, along with several new systems to learn while exploring a more dense city, the new setting offered the most dynamic space in a GTA game at the time. And now celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2018, we're taking a look back at Rockstar's seminal sequel and how its more realistic take and focus on immersing players into its dense city opened doors for many other open-world games thereafter--setting the stage for Rockstar's biggest success, GTA V.

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As the first GTA game on PS3 and Xbox 360, the developers at Rockstar North opted to switch things up for its return to Liberty City. Powered by the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (RAGE for short), which made its debut with the budget-release Rockstar Games Presents: Table Tennis, Grand Theft Auto IV was the first AAA game to use the publisher's new tech. In addition to featuring the Euphoria physics-engine, it offered far more detail in movement and animations, along with stronger visual fidelity and design. This gave the game a drastically different look and feel compared to the previous entries, presenting more detail in geography and aesthetic across the city's various locales across the four boroughs of Liberty City.

While the familiar iconography, social commentary, and open-world action from previous games were still present--albeit in a more subdued light--GTA IV's plot centers around the immigrant experience of Niko Bellic, establishing a fresh start for the series. Traveling from eastern Europe, the Serbian War veteran sought a new life in Liberty City, while also trying to find the man responsible for betraying him many years before. Though GTA III was set in Liberty City, this game's incarnation of the setting was entirely revamped. This put players and Niko Bellic on equal footing, both outsiders to a new setting they had to make their mark in.

GTA IV has its share of high-stakes shootouts and elaborate high-speed chases, including the now-infamous Three Leaf Clover bank heist mission--which went on to serve as the basis for GTA V's heist missions--but it never goes completely beyond the realm of belief. To do so would go counter to the tone of the main story and the style it went for. Respectively, GTA IV forgoes a lot of dumb action in favor of actually getting you to spend time with the many supporting characters in Niko's story.

"Choosing to spend some time with secondary characters leads to some surprising moments of humanity and friendship, which is somewhat unexpected for a GTA game."

Early on, Niko's ne'er-do-well cousin Roman gives him a cellphone, which acts as the game's main communication and contextual gameplay tool. Along with calling in taxies and emergency service vehicles--allowing you to take on side-jobs as a driver or even track down local criminals by hijacking service vehicles--it also opens up relationships with Niko's closest allies. During your off time, you can take part in seemingly frivolous activities, such as going to cabarets, drinking at local bars, or visiting a strip club. Most importantly, you could even take part in a few games of bowling, which turns out to be a favorite among Niko's circle of friends--particularly Roman.

In some cases, characters will contact Niko directly to hang out for happy hour, or for genuine dates with potential love interests. These encounters, while mostly optional, do have some greater payoff, such as extra bodyguards and access to better resources. For instance, Dwayne Forge, a former crime lord and ex-con, will contact players to hang out. Despite having tremendous pull in the criminal underworld, he lives a largely lonesome life in a perpetual state of depression. Hanging out with Dwayne will encourage him to loosen up and open up about his past. Choosing to spend some time with secondary characters leads to some surprising moments of humanity and friendship, which is somewhat unexpected for a GTA game. It turned out that the game wasn't all about mayhem and crime after all. It was refreshing to see your time being rewarded with something cool in a GTA game, without having to fire a single bullet.

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As Niko becomes more accustomed to living in Liberty City, his disdain for American life grows--sharing his thoughts with others about awful US television and the growing influence of social media. The radio stations of Liberty City blare late-2000s music and political commentary, and news stories keep you aware of the local goings-on around town, even referencing your own antics. That's not to say that its commentary is totally on the money, however. Much of the humor and style it tries to play off for laughs hasn't aged all that well--such as scenes with gay stereotypes and off-color racial humor. Granted, GTA has never been totally on the mark with its social critiques, but it does however have a strong sense of time.

Prior to GTA IV, the natural thing for other games to do was to offer more content, more action, and a bigger space to take part in. While other open-world games certainly did that well, such as the GTA clone-turned-full-blown-parody Saints Row, GTA IV focused on offering more active content to dive into. In comparison to San Andreas, the size of Liberty City's four boroughs are smaller, but it's far more dense with activity. Compared to previous games, GTA IV did a far better job of rewarding you for messing around and taking on side activities. Whether it was hanging out with friends or exploring the city to find several unmarked quests that led to some of the game's most humorous and darkest missions, there was an incredible amount of thought placed into the core design of the world and how you could choose to spend your time in it.

GTA IV came at a time when open-world games were increasingly common, and it approached things in a way that made it stand out from the rest. Sometime after GTA IV's launch, Rockstar released two DLC episodes--The Lost and Damned, and The Ballad of Gay Tony--which introduced new missions and playable events that eventually lightened the tone. Along with offering more extravagant action set-pieces and a larger arsenal of weapons in the style of the previous games, these expansions also offered alternate perspectives to the main story--another aspect further expanded upon in GTA V.

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When looking at Grand Theft Auto IV in the broader picture of the series, the general vibe it tends to give off can make it feel a bit self-serious. Still, there's something endearing--and even commendable--about how Rockstar stuck with it, and showing that you can still have a fun time exploring the city while learning more about the people in it. 10 years later, Grand Theft Auto IV's Liberty City still features some of the series' finest moments of storytelling. And given that it's coming from a series that focused on tons of dumb moments full of violent nonsense, that's a remarkable achievement in its own right.

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In all honesty this GTA sucked until that amazing DLC showed up. Playing GTA 5 made me appreciate how much more detailed the physics base system in GTA IV had over it. But all in all when I bought the collectors edition of GTA IV at launch, yes the one that came with the lock box, GTA T Shirt and Hat, etc. I was kinda underwhelmed on how much they took away from the game. Remember we left the gen before it with the amazing GTA San Andreas. Which was the top selling GTA until GTA 5 happened. San Andreas was leagues better than GTA IV with far more over all things to do in the open world.

I rank it like this for GTA campaign and open world.

1. Vice City

2. San Andreas


4. GTA 5

GTA 5 right now is so bland outside of the online grind mode it hurts. All those dance clubs and basketball courts put to no use. All those animals with no incentive to go hunting. The none interaction with homes, closed structures like the restaurants, pool halls, malls, etc.

I don't know I feel like Rockstar has been dropping the ball with GTA. All that matters now is those shark cards and online play. I hope RDR 2 is a step forward and not a step backwards like GTA 4 to San Andreas was.

Avatar image for illegal_peanut

Well it's a rock star game. All they really ship out is legendary titles.

Avatar image for LonelyHippie27

Too bad you could never get those bad ass looking gloves. I swear that still keeps me up at night

Avatar image for Pyrosa

I loved this game, largely due to the excellent character depth and good writing. Not repeating the same dialogue for each mission retry was a MASSIVE improvement for the series, too.

Avatar image for JEF8484

Am I the only one that liked this game much more than 5? It was more groundbreaking at the time and it had a clever story. 5 is grossly overrated imo. Each their own though.

Avatar image for nsignific

@JEF8484: I love both but 4 definitely made more of an impact. 5 felt more like a streamlined expansion (though still fantastic and in many ways better).

Avatar image for bullsharktestosterone

@JEF8484: I'm with you on that. GTA V tries to be all things to all people. This game is its own animal, which is why I like it way better than 5.

Avatar image for Tidus1012

@JEF8484: No, there's actually a lot of people including myself that liked GTA 4 much more than GTA 5.

Avatar image for playstationzone

This when rockstar games reasle 10 Games reasle last gen . This gen reasle 2 Games so far two remastereds and 3rd game be RDR2. Rockstar games so slow this gen it like where living on gta5 money and online with sharks cards.

Avatar image for alien33

In terms of story, it remains my favourite GTA game. I just love Nico Belic. He is a man hit by fate and not necessarily a bad person. He still feels guilty for most of his crimes and he has a big price to pay in the end losing one of his loved ones.

He chose a way of life (or it chose him?) that inevitably leads to destruction. He knows it all the time, but he just can't escape it.

Avatar image for Alucard_Prime

Loved this game, reading this article makes me want to replay it.

Avatar image for good_coop89

GTA IV felt like a missed opportunity to me. I adored the start of the game, the physics, the more realistic, grounded feel. I remember just walking to Roman's taxi place and I just loved how it felt to walk in that game. However, the gameplay never expanded beyond the tutorial-style missions, far too linear in structure and the hand-holding was so over-bearing it actually felt intrusive. Oh, you want to shoot this guy's tyres out? Nope, gotta wait until you trigger this scripted event and watch the cut-scene. Then follow the instructions, shoot guy, mission complete. Well done.

Vice City remains my favourite GTA (GTA 3 in second place), I hated San Andreas for all the "wacky" bullshit with the jetpacks and area 51 nonsense. Totally not in keeping with the premise that attracted me to the game in the first place. I enjoyed the whole first section in Grove Street, and the Las Venturas section, but all that "The Truth" stuff... Just nope.

Scarface: The World is Yours was better than all of them though, at least gameplay wise (Vice City still has the greatest soundtrack). Everything had a point, rather than being an optional distraction.

I still finished GTA IV many times because I liked Niko's jacket. Especially with a nice pair of jeans.

Avatar image for ssdd_again

This is such a tragic comment section, so much hate for one of the best entries in the GTA franchise.

It's arguably the last pure GTA game that will ever be as well. If GTA V is anything to go by we are never going to have a 'one lead character' GTA again, certainly not one that has a less insulting online mode (which I bet you all love spending a fortune on, right?).

Avatar image for gigaloser

The islands were too small and too far apart. I spent more time driving/in cabs than anything else.

Avatar image for mst3kfan78

@gigaloser: I also mainly drove cabs because of how the missions were set up. I'd drive my Pfister Comet to a mission marker, watch cutscene where a character tells me to drive them somewhere (good thing I brought a fast car), exit cutscene and your car is gone and you are forced to drive them in their P.O.S. sedan for the mission. F that noise, man. That was one of my biggest gripes with the game. Still loved it, but wish certain choices were made differently.

Avatar image for henrythefifth

I just love how lively and real the game world feels. Still does, after all these years. Brill NPCs too. And such great and memorable main characters. My fave GTA game.

GTAIV is one of the best games ever made, and the perfect scores it got at launch prove it. To me, it is still one of the best of last gen, with very little to fault.

Avatar image for alien33

@henrythefifth: Shares the top with Vice City as the best GTA games for me.

Avatar image for raikiry

Worst GTA

Avatar image for Terrorantula

I thought it was boring with nothing to do in it

Avatar image for naryanrobinson

GTA IV is one of the most boring games I've ever played.

Like oh my christ what a terrible game.

And this is from someone who liked GTA III and Vice City, really liked San Andreas, and somewhat liked GTA V, so I'm not a purist or anything. They should have made a movie. They had no clue how to make GTA IV into a game.

You drive slowly from A to B, watch cutscene, drive from B to C, get into a truck, watch a cutscene, drive slowly from C to A, watch a cutscene, and repeat.

There's no character development. There's no story revelations. There's no going inside buildings. There's no crazy carnage. There's no reward for making havoc in the streets. There's no rewards for anything you do. All cool and exciting items (like SA's jetpack) were removed. All stat building was removed. There's almost nothing to do with money. There's almost no characters at all outside of cutscenes. Everything that isn't just driving from A to B lasts 10 minutes and only existed for the trailer. There's no variation in environments, just one big boring brown city. 50% of the cutscenes are basically the exact same conversation. There's no consequences for any choices. The pace is much slower than any other game in the series. Every minute you spend with other characters is a boring chore. The only minigames were terrible bar games like darts. Other characters pester you constantly to do boring activities. It's rife with bugs, and is a disastrous PC port. A slow-motion, repetitive, brown, drive-a-thon back and forth through the same old streets, over and over.

It was around 50% of the way through the game when I finally realised, “Wow... I don't think this is going to get any better. I honestly think this might be the whole game.” Can you remember the story of GTA IV? Immigrant arrives in the US... needs to... help cousin... make money... and... then... it escalates for some reason... Errand Boy Does Errands IV more like it. Do you really remember playing the game? Or are the memories just a highlights reel from the trailer? Try going back and playing it now. Play all the way to the end. I dare you.

People's objectivity seems to go out the window when reviewing certain franchises, especially when they move to the next console generation. Saints Row blows GTA out of the water. And so does SleepingDogs, and more than a few others. I've no doubt in my mind that had GTA IV been released on PS2 it would've been universally acknowledged as the worst GTA by far. In fact had it not been called “GTA” it wouldn't even be remembered. Instead we all have to pretend it was amazing cause we're all too scared to tell the mob of angry kids their favourite game is trash.

Avatar image for Kromer00

@naryanrobinson: GTA 4 is not the game you wanted it to be, clearly. But that doesn't make it bad and the points you are making might imply you didn't play it. GTA 4 was specifically designed as a departure from 3, Vice, San editions (and Saint's row style ones = the ones you like). That was the entire point of the game (as it is pointed out in this, and many articles).

"They had no clue how to make GTA IV into a game." Ok my man, go to Rockstar and give them your idea for a game. They will have to do a market research to see if people will buy it and when people see that "it is literally Gta 3, San, Vice, Saints etc." they might not want it. We wanted something different. It was so good because it was not the "bling bling" over the top competition (Saints) or predecessors.

"You drive slowly from A to B..." = any other open world that doesn't have a jet pack. Drive is "horse" sometimes (Red Dead) or walking in others.

Your entire paragraph 4 is describing San Andreas. "There's no character development." umm ok, so, spoiler: Niko comes to see his cousin and then we find out (later) he actually wants to find the one who betrayed and killed his comrades. There is a HUGE character development. From the "I am done with my old life" to "I am the new boss" it is a Huge trip for Niko and the player.

"There's no variation in environments, just one big boring brown city." There are 4 islands that all have a different vibe as you have in real NYC. Posh, poor, Asian, Italian, beach, brownstone etc. all have different interactions with the NPC's there and different storylines in the main story.

"There's no consequences for any choices." you want a Mass Effect 3 "Consequences" or a "Fallout 4"? How do you include this on such a game as GTA? Which other game that you like EVER had a different ending that was so Consequential (GTA 5 had different "colors" as in Mass Effect 3).

And your entire paragraph 5 is literally the proof that you didn't play the game, do not know what the story is about and probably watched the trailer once and didn't see jet packs and goofy shit like in Saints (btw great game, played 3 and 4 and loved the humor) (who even remembers the trailer when the game was so good?). Saints is similar genre but it was meant to have an entirely different vibe than GTA.

There is so much to say here but I would spoil the game for you. Go play it again with an open mind; not so embedded in what GTA "was". And "I'm not a purist or anything" ... yes you are. You like big bang and explosions games and goofy ones (which is OK and those are great) but I wouldn't compare those so Black and White to something as gritty as GTA 4.

Avatar image for naryanrobinson

@Kromer00: “And your entire paragraph 5 is literally the proof that you didn't play the game,”

Well I did play it, so you can keep repeating that I didn't, but you'll be just as wrong the 100th time. Feel free to look at my Steam library (naryan) if you want the honours of proving yourself wrong instead this time.

GTA IV was “different” in the way a cheeseburger is “different” without the cheese and the meat. The community consensus is that III was great, Vice City was better, and San Andreas was better again. Sure not everyone agrees, but it's the general opinion. The more was added, the more people enjoyed it.

The comment section of this article however is totally split down the middle with half the people hating or bored to death by IV. There's nothing unique or special about it besides the graphics. They stripped out feature after feature from the old games. And no it wasn't a creative decision. And no it wasn't what the community was “asking” for. It was a mathematical equation squeezed out by an Excel sheet that concluded, “graphics sell games, removing everything else will be fine”, and it was right.

I mean what did they add? Unless you're telling me the community demanded a more anemic sequel? Well that doesn't work either because they stuffed as much s*** as they humanly could into GTA V, and the community liked that one far more. Stop trying to twist reality to fit the game.

“"You drive slowly from A to B..." = any other open world that doesn't have a jet pack.”

At least with Red Dead you don't need to follow the exact same roads. The game punishes you for not queing up to pay bridge tolls for christ sake. In Saints Row it never takes more than a minute to NOS your way over to the other side (and XP). In Far Cry driving again only takes a minute or two if literally flying across the map isn't your thing (and XP). In Skyrim you'll always discover something new trekking across the landscape or have some random encounter, or something to collect (and XP). In Dying Light crossing the city is the survival game itself (and XP). Hell even the emperor of asinine Assassin's Creed is littered with things to collect and side quests to complete. Nothing matches GTA IV's level of repetitive and boring.

“There are 4 islands that all have a different vibe as you have in real NYC. Posh, poor, Asian, Italian, beach, brownstone etc. all have different interactions with the NPC's there and different storylines in the main story.”

You mean there's Times Square, and then the rest. Giving the people on the streets different clothes isn't a different environment, nor is saying, “the Asian people live here, and the Italian people live here”. And spreading the main story all over the place isn't either, it's just an excuse for more driving. But you know this already; I'm not going to spend time convincing you on this one.

“There is a HUGE character development. From the "I am done with my old life" to "I am the new boss"”

*sigh* This is not what character development looks like. Jason Brody was a snivelling spoiled privileged teen, he shakes and swears and sweats, he runs and hides, he learns to survive, he talks himself up to it, he learns to fire a gun, to hunt with a bow. You walk him through from his first kill to becoming a legendary predator of the forest. You're there every step watching him grow. Far Cry 3 is character development. Niko is just your typical mid-30s white-skinned ex-military/cop/SWAT dude who was violent for years, then says he wants to stop, but you never see it. All those peaceful years? Not in the game. You're literally beating the shit out of dudes again by the third mission. The old Niko never left. Never developed or changed. He's a killer at the start and a killer at the end. He never enjoyed it blah blah blah, but he does it endlessly regardless and starts every day with a big bowl of murder. This is exactly the same trick AAA devs pull over and over and you were so ready to fall for it yet again.

“and when people see that "it is literally Gta 3, San, Vice, Saints etc." they might not want it”

Of course they will. You haven't been paying attention at all. People will fork over for anything that looks pretty and has “GTA” written on it regardless. They won't even wait for the reviews. They don't care. Then they'll convince themselves it's great no matter what. If it was one boring guy in one big brown city and nothing to do, they'll love it. If it's three different dudes in everything from skyscrapers to desert to mountain ranges with every different banal activity under the sun, they'll love it. Like I said, “GTA” and pretty graphics is all they're looking for. They're not a complicated bunch.

“We wanted something different. It was so good because it was not the "bling bling" over the top competition (Saints) or predecessors.”

The forums are packed with gamers saying the newer GTA games have lost touch with their origins, with the “fun”. The old games knew what they were and were actually wacky fun intentionally poorly disguised as gritty thug-life street-crime underbelly shenanigans. GTA IV was soft and timid, tried a bit of that in its cutscenes, but ultimately didn't deliver in the gameplay and the ensuing identity crisis left the game almost completely devoid of funny moments.

Saint's Row only exists because of the disappointment people have with the direction GTA went in, starting with IV. Volition saw a growing niche of letdowns. Have you looked at the Steam pages for Saints Row: The Third recently? 96% positive over 27,000 reviews. Saints Row IV? 92% positive over 38,800 reviews. That's even more than blockbuster GTA IV with 63% of 38,700. GTA V's card was to lure gamers back with a literal return to San Andreas, a lighter, less serious tone, more activities, and more wacky fun (the reason Trevor exists) but the actual user reviews came back mixed, at just 67% on Steam.

“There is so much to say here but I would spoil the game for you. Go play it again with an open mind; not so embedded in what GTA "was". And "I'm not a purist or anything" ... yes you are.”

Random fancy seems to be the basis of most of your arguments. Trying to force a square reality into a round hole over and over. If I'm obsessed with how GTA “used to be” then why did I like GTA V? If you have “proof” that I didn't play GTAIV then why are you telling me to play it “again”? If I was determined to hate GTA IV before I started playing it, then why did I spend time and money on it (once again, it's in my Steam, that's called a “fact”).

You know your arguments would be a lot less weak and terrible if you based them on truth instead of wishful thinking.

Avatar image for blondie_82

@naryanrobinson: lmfao, please saints row is garbage compared to gta. It’s not even in the same league.

Avatar image for Tidus1012

@blondie_82: Won't call it garbage, maybe its not as good as GTA, but still is a great saga, I've just played saints row 4 and was fucking hilarious.

Avatar image for naryanrobinson

@blondie_82: If you're the kind of person who's struck dumb by shiny objects, or is simple and can't understand how to get the rest of the playground to like you, yes.

Avatar image for blondie_82

@naryanrobinson: I agree with you about gta4 being overrated, it’s my least favorite gta but I still liked it. I think the best ones are vice city and gta 5. The only saints row that was good in my opinion was the second one and that was a ripoff of San Andreas. Saints row isn’t in the same league as gta.

Avatar image for alien33

@naryanrobinson: Wow, I've never disagreed with a comment so much in my life before! No story revelations? No character development? No characters to interact with?

Wait, did you actually play the game or is this a troll post?

Avatar image for naryanrobinson

@alien33: OK then, since you played it and it was so very deep,

name me one character who changed or grew or matured as a person in the slightest throughout the entire game. Name me someone in the game who learned something, changed their ways, or changed their opinions.

Name me a character who actually did anything. Not including shooting you, yelling about shooting you, yelling about shooting someone else, or exclusively in cutscenes.

Avatar image for ssdd_again

@naryanrobinson: Is this a failed attempt at trolling? One of the most ridiculous comments I've read in a long time, I suppose it was slightly funny to read. . .like watching a drunk person try and pull their trousers up. Did you even play GTA IV?

Avatar image for alien33

@ssdd_again: Spot on. Looks like a troll post indeed.

Avatar image for budah78

@ssdd_again: i agree. the comment was immature and irresponsible.kinda funny i have played sleeping dogs and i remember going from point a to b. watch a cutscene, thrown some punches get in a car and go to the marker.............hmmmmmmm my my that sounds so familiar

Avatar image for naryanrobinson

@ssdd_again: I knew it wouldn't be long till the kids I referenced at the end would show up spittle a-flyin'. The one with GTA in his picture likes GTA and posts over and over how wrong everyone is because he thinks liking GTA is the epitome of adulthood, so uses the word “trolling” at all the offenders to vent his furious indignation.

What a plot twist.

Still, a better story than GTA IV.

Avatar image for alien33

@naryanrobinson: Kids? I was 23 when GTA4 came out. Oh, so you're a troll, ok got it now.

Avatar image for naryanrobinson

@alien33: Oh look here's another, once again fitting the mould perfectly. How original.

Avatar image for barakz0r

@naryanrobinson: Calling everyone kids for disagreeing with you its pretty much childish. GTA IV is by fact was a success by the vast majority of the critics. It was one of the best GTAs simply because it was new and original. The story is not the best. But for me, it is better than GTA V story. Sure as hell it was not boring.

Avatar image for Bazz3442

@naryanrobinsonExcellent points. I've always remembered GTA IV as an overall boring experience with frustrating controls, bland filler-sidemissions, characters I really coudn't give a damn about and of course the choice of Niko Belic as the main protagonist still baffles me to this day.

I do have the odd fond memories of certain missions which did raise the bar above totally irrelevant such as the warehouse shootout (I think more than one, so the first one) or the ambush in the abandoned hospital.

It's hard to believe the game is now a decade old but while I get the desire to play past versions of GTA, I really don't get that with GTA IV. The love is just not there and there's no question that it was a rare misstep from Rockstar and was blown out of the water by GTA V which in itself was not the best so that tells you something.

Avatar image for naryanrobinson

@Bazz3442: Exactly. I've nothing to add.

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

My middlest in the series

Avatar image for Reuwsaat

My favorite GTA in the series

Avatar image for chillingnaire

Worst one in the series.

Avatar image for J_P-

I tried to replay it recently and it just bored me, this game had very limited stuff you could do, after finishing the game there was practically nothing left to do. Sure the expansions added more to do but even that wasn't enough.

Avatar image for Megamoss1984

@J_P-: I still play it from time to time today purely for the driving physics and gunplay and fist fights which, for me, were absolutely fantastic. Can't be said for GTA5, which I haven't touched since completing it.

Avatar image for jamesbr27

Not just the open world, many aspects of GTA IV still hold on today and many more are better than what GTA V offers.

Avatar image for chillingnaire

@jamesbr27: No.

Avatar image for Spartan_418

@chillingnaire: He's right. GTA IV is one of the best games in the series. The article that you didn't bother to read does a pretty good job of explaining why/how it is.

Avatar image for chillingnaire

@Spartan_418: No lol just cause gamespot says its one of the best doesnt mean its one of the best. Story wise it is, everything else was terrible

Avatar image for deactivated-5bfc8187829ef

Modders had enhanced the pc version of this game alot. A few days ago i was playing it at 4k with tons of mods and it is still has the wow visuals. This is the reason why impo games must release on pc beside consoles because on pc they can be revived greatly even decade after thier released

On console they are ok but they remain 720/30 forever.

Avatar image for barcaazul

IV had its good and bad points. I really enjoyed it after opening up the map, and the DLC was great.

Some of the doing stuff with the characters was a bit of a grind though