Grand Theft Auto 3 Web site opens

A GTA3 media barrage accompanies the opening of the game's official Web site.


Rockstar Games has opened the official Web site for Grand Theft Auto 3 and posted new media from the game on the site. GTA3 takes the series into the 3D world on the PlayStation 2, and with the new graphics comes a grittier look, when compared with the two previous games. In terms of gameplay, GTA3 attempts to stay true to its predecessors. In the game, players can traverse large city spaces in vehicles or on foot. All the while, they can wreak havoc on the citizens of the city or accept specific jobs from mob bosses and gangs.

Grand Theft Auto 3 will be released for the PS2 in October. A Microsoft Xbox version is also in development. For more information visit the GTA3 Web site.

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