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Grand Knights History invades September

Additional information on battle system revealed.

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Vanillaware's upcoming role-playing game--Grand Knights History--finally has a concrete release date. Recently, publishers Marvelous Entertainment confirmed the release date of the game: September 1.

In addition, the recent issue of Famitsu explained the game's battle system. All fights place a huge emphasis on troop formations. These arrangements affect different properties of a player's army, ranging from his or her attack distance to a stat boost for different party attributes.

Dragons: every fantasy-themed game's reliable roadblock.
Dragons: every fantasy-themed game's reliable roadblock.

As is standard for an RPG, players can equip their customized units with a weapon. Prolonged usage of a weapon type will bestow a unit with new skills. If warriors use a broadsword continuously, they will gain a new skill called skull fang, which acts as a projectile attack. A warrior who uses a dagger continuously can adapt the skill called flash code, which grants four consecutive attacks on a foe. Each weapon in the game will have 10 types of skills and about 50 support skills, with players able to assign up to four skills per unit.

Grand Knights History is slated for the PSP. Vanillaware's other contributions in the game industry include Odin Sphere and Muramasa: The Demon's Blade.

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