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Grand Knights History conquers PSP this summer

Vanillaware's next game to head back to fantasy genre; will be turn based.

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Update: The game's official site is added in the last paragraph of this article.

Game developer Vanillaware has been revered by the niche crowd due to its solid releases, such as Odin Sphere and Muramasa: The Demon Blade. The company recently announced its latest project for the PSP, a role-playing game called Grand Knights History.

According to a recent online post on Famitsu, the game is set in the fantasy land of Rystia where three kingdoms are clashing against each other for total conquest. Players get to choose among the rulers of these three kingdoms: King Fausel of Logress, King Leon of Union, and Queen Muse of Avalon. From there, players form their own band of knights and soldiers to head off for adventure. Each knight is customizable, including his gender, skills, and stats in battle.

One of the rulers of the game's world.
One of the rulers of the game's world.

The game's actual battles are done in a turn-based style and will be set in a side perspective with allies on the right and enemies on the left. The hit points and action points gauges will be displayed above the characters.

Grand Knights History will have online network support instead of the usual ad hoc play support that the majority of PSP games have. The game will have multiplayer support up to an "infinity" number of players and is billed as a "war RPG" where players all around the world are connected together as they fight online. The game was said to be developed for two years after the Japanese release of Muramasa: The Demon Blade.

Your guide throughout the game.
Your guide throughout the game.

The game's director is Tomohiko Deguchi, who was one of the project planners for Muramasa: The Demon Blade. The game's producer is Yoshifumi Hashimoto, who was involved with Harvest Moon DS, Rune Factory 2, and even Muramasa: The Demon Blade. The game's soundtrack will be done by Hitoshi Sakimoto, known for composing the soundtrack for Final Fantasy XII and the Valkyria Chronicles series.

Grand Knights History is slated for a summer release this year. An English version has yet to be announced.

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