Granblue Fantasy Versus Soundtrack Trailer--Preview The Music You'll Fight To Next Year

The anime fighter is a PlayStation 4 exclusive.


Granblue Fantasy Versus, Arc System Works's upcoming fighting game spin-off from Japanese mobile/browser RPG Granblue Fantasy, has released a new trailer to show off its soundtrack selection. The trailer samples 15 tracks from the game and shows off some concept art alongside each piece. The first 11 tracks are character-specific, indicating the opponent you're fighting--it seems that each fighter will essentially get their own theme music. The full soundtrack will contain the complete versions of each of these tracks.

The game will release in Japan on February 6, 2020, with a global release following soon after. It's exclusive to the PlayStation 4 for now, and the western release will feature an optional English dub. Every fighter in the game will have access to an easy-to-use "Skybound Art," which will be based on an ability from the original RPG, which will be tied to a cooldown timer. The developer, Arc System Works, is known for its fighting games, including the upcoming Guilty Gear and the BlazBlue series.

We've previously looked at the game during its closed beta--you can check out an exhibition match in the video above, or take a longer look at gameplay from that beta.

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