Gran Turismo's Next Vision Series Car Is An All-Electric Endurance Racer From Jaguar

Jaguar's hypothetical hypercar is capable of 255 mph and a potential world record acceleration speed.


Gran Turismo has a new car being added to its Vision series of theoretical future cars, and this one is a beastly electric panther. The latest addition is a hypothetical endurance racer--the Jaguar Vision GT--a hypercar that is designed to be an all-electric sports-endurance racer that is capable of a top speed of 255 mph.

This speed is achieved with four electric motors that have Formula E origins, and are capable of producing 1,877 horsepower and 2,478 pound-feet of torque. Theoretically, that means that the Jaguar Vision GT can do 0-60 mph in 1.65 seconds. If the car were real, that speed stat would put it far ahead of the current acceleration record holder, the 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder that has been independently timed at 2.1 seconds when it leaves the grid.

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The Jaguar also features a much lower and wider body, with the driver cockpit situated further to the rear. A few nods to the past can also be found in its design, with Jaguar saying that DNA from the 1951 C-type and 1954 D-type vehicles are present. For the powertrain, engineers came up with a novel battery cooling system that uses liquid nitrogen.

It's a Jaaaaag.
It's a Jaaaaag.

"The Vision GT SV is a dramatic and visually arresting car which showcases what's possible when the traditional boundaries governing real-world car design are completely removed," said Julian Thomson, Jaguar Design Director. "In bringing this car to life with a full-size design study we've been able to showcase the most extreme version of an electric Jaguar race car that is inspired by the past but looks fearlessly to the future."

It's clear yet though which Gran Turismo this car will debut in, such as Gran Turismo Sport or Gran Turismo 7 on the PlayStation 5, but you'll need to wait until next year to start setting some lap time records with Jaguar's hypothetical vision for the future.

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