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Now Playing: Gran Turismo Sport’s $46,600 Special Edition; Dragonball FighterZ Release Date! - GS News Roundup

GameSpot News with Jess McDonell and Dan Crowd—well, just Dan Crowd today I guess—brings you the video game news that matters. At least, for the previous 24 hour period. What happened today?

Dragon Ball FighterZ Adds Two More Characters To The Roster

Dragon Ball FighterZ continues to bring all your favourite Dragon Ball Z characters, along with some of the ones you hate, to its flashy, 2D fighting circus act. Two more characters were announced today, could they be your favourites? (It’s unlikely). More importantly, a Japanese release date was also announced, meaning the Western one won’t be far behind it.

Xbox One X Patches For Halo: MCC And Halo Wars 2 Confirmed

The Halos you love are about to get better. Well, marginally. A couple of Xbox One X patches were confirmed for the Master Chief Collection and Halo Wars 2, with an aim to bring significant visual upgrades to the game. But that’s not all! 343 talked about some of their plans to modernised a bunch of Halo’s systems in the future. Halo will NEVER DIE.

Ridiculous PS4 Gran Turismo Sport Bundle Comes With An Actual Car

Alright, well this is silly. Everyone knows that collectors editions of games can get a little out of hand with outrageous statutes and replica items, but Gran Turismo took things way too far. As what we can only assume was a huge publicity stunt, Sony were offering a bundle that featured an actual, real-life car.

And that’s it for today’s news! As Dan said in the video, Thursday and Friday’s news will be handled by some very special guests, so be sure to give them a warm welcome and we’ll see you on Monday!

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Avatar image for Evenglare

There's literally NO release date in this article. **** this clickbaiting bullshit. They didn't even give the date of Japan! They said it had a date, but I guess actually typing what that date was would be to hard for them.

Avatar image for Goobshoeriot

"We here in the west" Why you peddling us your lies, Dan? Your probably in the same time zone as Japan and that accent is evidence enough.


Avatar image for videogameninja

Would have helped, huh?

Feb 1st 2018 in Japan. Should be released fairly soon after in the West.


Avatar image for Acillatem1993

Good to know that a release date for DB FighterZ was announced...could've like included it into this little news roundup.