Gran Turismo Sport PSVR Bundle Hitting Store Shelves

Vroom, vroom, vroom.


Gran Turismo Sport saw its release in October, but it's coming back for another lap. The next PSVR bundle will come with the latest driving simulator inside.

Gran Turismo got its start in 1997, but 20 years down the line, things have changed. This iteration of the game is online-only and has three different ways to play: campaign, sports, and arcade. Aside from letting you earn an actual racing license, it will have virtual championships. The winners of these will be treated like actual race victors too, having the results of these actually recognized by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile.

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The PSVR bundle includes a physical copy of the game, a PSVR headset, a PlayStation Camera, and an updated version of the PSVR demo disk with 13 different demos to play. The bundle will be in stores for $400 in the US and $500 in Canada.

While Gran Turismo Sport can be played with just a controller or the PSVR, this bundle will still require a PS4 to work as the PSVR is an accessory to the system. Our thoughts on the title haven't been published quite yet, but you can get a glimpse of what it has to offer in our preview here.

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For only $400, you too can race around a limited number of tracks against a whopping number of ONE AI cars! Gentlemen, start your engines! *Time trial not included.

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@Guy_Brohski: or you can just join any race against actual people playing

If you don't like it you can play Forza where driveatards will squirrel all over the track

The single races are mainly practice for the various events you'll join against actual players and compete for prizes:

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Plus, the VR implementation in GT Sport is totally barebones.

This bundle makes no sense at all...

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overpriced, they had the vr for 225 from target I believe.

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Its been more than 2 weeks since the release and still no review.

Either Sony has problems to run the game at its servers for more than 2 weeks so GS cant do a review...or...GS is afraid to give it a 6 or 7/10 as their main audience are PS owners.

Just strange that other sites did their reviews already!

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@sladakrobot: They hadn't held any official events other than daily races, I imagine maybe they're waiting for that seeing as it's part of the experience

2017 FIA GT Nations Cup Test Season 1 - started Nov 4 and ends Nov 11

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$400 for a PSVR bundle? I know I can find a hell of a better deal on Black Friday or Cyber Monday to say the least.

But either way, the only VR I'm getting is HTC Vive, screw the console VR crap.