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Gran Turismo 7 Update Makes Cars Harder To Earn

Credit payouts on several Gran Turismo 7 tracks have been massively slashed.


A new patch for Gran Turismo 7 has resulted in the credits payouts of several races being reduced. Fans had previously criticized the motorsports simulator for the high price on its vehicles, and this update has counteracted one means of easily grinding for credits.

Spotted by Discord user DDM and VGC, races such as Alsace Village, Colorado Springs Lake, and several more will now reward far fewer in-game credits after the game has been updated to version 1.07. These in-game credits are used to purchase new vehicles in Gran Turismo 7, and with some cars being several times more expensive in the game than they were in its predecessor Gran Turismo Sport, players had begun farming certain tracks to earn enough credits to buy them without having to spend actual cash on credit packs.

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According to DDM's list, these tracks have seen credit payouts reduced drastically:

  • World Rally Challenge: Alsace Village--50,000 Credits 30,000 Credits
  • Dirt Champions: Fisherman's Ranch--65,000 Credits 30,000 Credits
  • Dirt Champions: Sardegna Windmills--65,000 Credits 40,000 Credits
  • Dirt Champions: Colorado Springs Lake--65,000 Credits 40,000 Credits
  • GT Cup Gr. 4: HIgh-Speed Ring--65,000 Credits 35,000 Credits
  • GT Cup Gr. 4: Brands Hatch GP Circuit--65,000 Credits 45,000 Credits
  • GT Cup Gr. 3: Spa Francorchamps-- 75,000 Credits 50,000 Credits
  • GT Cup Gr. 3: Suzuka Circuit--75,000 Credits 50,000 Credits
  • GT Cup Gr. 3: Autodrome Lago Maggiore--75,000 Credits 50,000 Credits
  • Clubman Cup Plus: High Speed Ring--35,000 Credits 25,000 Credits
  • Clubman Cup Plus: Tsukuba Circuit--35,000 Credits 25,000 Credits
  • Clubman Cup Plus: Goodwood--35,000 Credits 12,000 Credits
  • American Clubman Cup 700: Special Stage Route X--30,000 Credits 15,000 Credits
  • American FR Challenge 550: Blue Moon Bay Speedway--15,000 Credits 10,000 Credits
  • American FR Challenge 550: Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca--15,000 Credits 10,000 Credits
  • American FR Challenge 550: Willow Springs Raceway--15,000 Credits 10,000 Credits

Gran Turismo 7's endgame revolves around acquiring Legend Cars, expensive versions of classic vehicles that require a significant time investment so that they can be purchased. High-value cars regularly rotate in and out of in-game shops, so players are subtly motivated to either devote time to earning credits or to take a shortcut by buying credits through microtransactions.

For example, the Porsche 356 A costs 615,000 in-game credits, the Toyota Supra GT500 ’97 will set you back 1.5 million credits, and the Ford Mark IV Race Car '67 costs an eye-watering 4.6 million credits.

With the new race payout rates, that would mean that a player would have to win the Spa Francorchamps race a total of 92 times or spend around $45 to purchase the credits for a Ford Mark IV. Not updating Gran Turismo 7 isn't an option either, as nearly the entire game is made unavailable when playing offline.

In our Gran Turismo 7 review, Alex Goy said "It plays as close to driving a real car as you can get on a console, and much like shaving a few seconds off your commute, or playing on your favorite road in the real world, the game draws you in with challenges, physics, and luscious visuals."

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