Gran Turismo 6 microtransaction pricing confirmed

Buy 7.5 million in-game credits for $50.

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Gran Turismo 6 is the first entry in the long-running racing series to feature microtransactions. This much was confirmed last month. Today, just two days ahead of the game's launch on Friday, Sony confirmed pricing details for the entirely optional microtransactions, which are available in the form of in-game credits.

Credits, which can be used to purchase cars or items, will be sold in increments of 500,000. Players can also earn credits by competing in races or event challenges online or offline. Credit payouts will increase as users complete higher ranked challenges and races.

"Users have the optional choice to purchase in-game credits in increments of 500,000 through the PS Store to unlock content faster if they prefer to do that rather than earn them through gameplay," Sony said. "We do not require players to purchase or use purchased in-game currency."

Full pricing details are listed below.

500,000 credits - $4.99

1,000,000 credits - $9.99

2,500,000 credits - $19.99

7,500,000 credits - $49.99

Pricing details for individual vehicles was not provided. However, a video leaked to YouTube shows that one of the most expensive vehicles--the Jaguar XJ1--will sell for 20 million credits, or more than $130. This information is based on early code of the game, meaning final pricing may change.

Gran Turismo 6 launches Friday, December 6, exclusively for PlayStation 3. Keep your eyes peeled for GameSpot's official review, coming soon.

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