Gran Turismo 5 ships 6.37 million

Polyphony Digital's PlayStation exclusive racer passes another milestone; series shipment total tops 63 million.


It was always assumed that Gran Turismo 5 would be a popular game. Just how popular was revealed in December, when Sony announced that the racing game had shipped 5.5 million units worldwide.

Gran Turismo 5 is now in the sextuple-platinum club.
Gran Turismo 5 is now in the sextuple-platinum club.

This week, the game's developer revealed the PlayStation 3 exclusive has passed another milestone. Polyphony Digital has released shipment figures for its entire Gran Turismo franchise, which showed that the most recent installment has now shipped 6.37 million units worldwide. That's more than the 5.20 million units that Gran Turismo 5 Prologue shipped and nearly triple the 2.32 million units of Gran Turismo PSP that have made their way onto the market.

Overall, the Gran Turismo series has shipped 63.15 million units as of December 31, 2010. Gran Turismo 4 sold 11.19 million units, less than the 14.89 million units Gran Turismo 3 A-spec sold. Gran Turismo 2 sold just 9.37 million units, while the first Gran Turismo--released in 1998 for the original PlayStation--has sold 10.8 million units.

Gran Turismo--10.80
Gran Turismo 2--9.37
Gran Turismo 3 A-spec--14.89
Gran Turismo Concept Series--1.56
Gran Turismo 4 Prologue--1.40
Gran Turismo 4--11.19
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue--5.20
Gran Turismo PSP--2.32
Gran Turismo 5--6.37

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forza is the racing king, dont have a 360 so you like gt, that sucks

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Has Forza's producers evver competed in a Nurburgring 24 hours race before? No. Bcos they can't survive without killing anyone on the road drink driving or causing accidents.

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Great Franchise, great game. It took me teo years to be done with GT4. I'll get GT5 soon because I know I'll spend a looot of time on this one.

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Game sucks, looks good but thats about it

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@packtop - I agree too, it's a really good game. It had everything and more than what I thought it would do. The main thing bugging me though, is when it showed the first trailer of this game, the graphics looked like real life, when I play the game, the graphics look like any other racing game :S

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i want to be able to swap engines in gt6 and have a better visual representation for things like suspension tuning. and a special course just for drags.

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I loved Gran turismo 5 but after all the time they made us wait for it i was hoping for more from the game.

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Hopefully, having that many sales will encourage Polyphony not to get a case of the "good enuffs" and fix all the bugs. I really like the game, but I tend to agree with people who say it seems unfinished.

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"blackace" the only thing flopza do better is the car damage system nothing more nothing less,but i didnt expect something diff from a 360 it or not the gt franchise was,is,will be THE REAL DRIVING SIMULATOR and will always sale more than flopza "sorry"

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Shipping over 6 million is excellent considering all the competition, not to mention the long wait. It deserves to sell well. It's crazy how much work is put into a GT title. Good for Polyphony D.

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@yixingtpot you're a fool! To hell with the PS3!

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@ash162 what? you're willing to wait 5 plus years for GT6?!

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@Hig1134 said: @blackace You'd like to think forza is the king...but you're in denial. GT is the most popular racing series, face it. Go play halo. **************************************************************** Being popular does not make the game the best. Sales do not equal quality. Remember that. Forza 3 has outscored GT5 on both Metacritic and Gamerankings. GT5 still isn't as good as Forza 3 overall. Forza 3 is king this generation. Sorry.

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@blackace You'd like to think forza is the king...but you're in denial. GT is the most popular racing series, face it. Go play halo.

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Great figures for a game that's console exclusive(yay PS3!!). Hoping the next is more of an improvement.

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I've said it a few dozen times that it would not reach GT3 or GT4 sales. I thought lifetime sales would be between 6-7 million, but it look like it'll be closer to 7-8 million now. Not bad, but well below the other 4 games in sales. GT5 is good, but it's still not as good as Forza 3 overall. That's still the king of console racing games for now. After 5 years, this game should have been perfect with zero bugs. Oh well, there's always GT6 I guess.

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Hey! Has anyone worked out what the "reward" and 3 clear circles at the bottom of your B-Spec driver profile mean? I love the update but I wish they had explained ALL of its features!

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you give it 8 or 0.....GT5 is worth....but still the other ps3 exclusives were better...

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@gelugon_baat I think you've took that a little to literally. Chill a bit. The guy was just meant that even though the game had an average review the public didn't really pay any attention. It's selling strong. I guess after waiting for so long we didn't care about the reviews, we just wanted GT5!

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Good to see the PSP showing putting in a respectable performance, and interesting to see that GT3 was the best seller (it's the only one I never bought or played - wonder if I missed out on much). Hands up all those idiots that bought the full-price demo of GT5 named Prologue though.

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I can believe that figure. Everyone I know who owns a PS3, owns Gran Turismo 5, and even bought their first PS3 just for it to. Great Game!

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Shipped might not mean sold but gathering units sold data is almost impossible as you have to survey all retailers. However, retailers don't ask for more stock to be shipped if the previous stock hasn't shifted. It's a standard business practise to have as little money sat stagnating in stock as possible.

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Shipped doesn't necessarily mean sold, but the game obviously had to sell well for them to ship that many units. So while shipped units does not mean actual sales, it is an indicator of of how well it is doing.

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@hippiesanta [quote="You"]GT5 prove reviewers wrong.[/quote]

How did it prove them wrong? There's nothing on the state of the game in this announcement by Sony, other than its commercial status.

If you are suggesting that reviewers are saying that this game would not not sell well and that they are wrong, then I would like to see any example of a review that stated that this game would not sell.

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GT5 is awesome. I can't stop playing it.

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@dRuGGeRnaUt well you can look long and hard for me saying the opposite on Microsoft games "shipped" reports. Cause really I don't care about them and I don't TROLL on their news articles to discount whatever success they may have.

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I bought 2 copies myself :P one was a gift

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@campbell153 that's not entirely true, the dreamcast had one of the best console launches of all time. The problem with dreamcast was that after launch they couldn't get any third party support and thus couldn't sell any consoles.

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SEGA "shipped" loads of Dreamcast`s on release!... But didnt get many sales! lol

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@kavadias1981 Yep, some standard cars were updated in the 1.06 update :) Love GT5 :D

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Is it just me or do the standard cars look sharper and shinier after the v1.06 update?

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Those are some serious numbers. 14.89 mil for A-spec alone! I think i put around 150 hours into that GT title alone. ... sigh... Good times.

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@mad_krips Im sure too, if nintendo had counted "units shipped" Vitua-boy would have been considered a HUGE success. I see so many kinect bundles sitting on shelves everywhere i go, i find it hard to believe shipped=sales. But I look forward to you saying the opposite when microsoft releases "shipped" numbers. Fact is, both companies do it, and it's misleading. They usually use "shipped" numbers because sales aren't as high as projected. I know the EB games in my town have about 60 copies of GT5 on the shelf, and haven't been selling as many after the first few months.

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So the subtitle says "Polyphony Digital's PlayStation exclusive racer passes another milestone; series SHIPMENT total tops 63 million." then the list at the bottom says, "Series SALES" and lists GT5 as part of that.. This just REEEKS of GS starting a flaming war to get alot of comments on this article.

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For all the people saying "NO units shipped IS sales" Well i hate to brake it to you then, kinect(a $149 dollar accessory) out"sold" GT5 by almost 2 million units.. But alas, and again, units shipped are not sales. I will wait for sales numbers

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Why does gamespot list this "GT5 6.37 MILLION SOLD" instead of "GT5 6.37 SHIPPED" Are all of GT's "sales" numbers on this list "units shipped"?? if they are, its not a very good indication of SALES. This is just like when MS said Kinect SHIPPED 8 million, and everyone was like, "kinect SOLD 8 million, teh ownage!!"

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Ive got a G27 but cant be arsed buying this, until the price comes down. Gonna stick with F1 2010 until it does.

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I need to save money for a wheel, by then hopefully this game will be cheaper. Tired of racing with a controller.

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Some good numbers there :D:D

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I thought ships were not all actual sales.. yet in your series sales you guys just copy pasted 6,37

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As a long time GT fan, I have to say that GT5 was a step backwards. Not a bad game, but not revolutionary like its predecessors.

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I can tell about things otherwise - as NFS is getting worse with any new release (platinumed NFS: Undercover - the game was more retarded than TERMINATOR and WANTED which at least took less time to just get 1 extra platinum) and really no decent racing games not just on PS3, GT5 is simply brilliant. You can search for an issues in anything, but I will not even trade in any NFS crap anymore and GT5 will be in my gaming shelf for very long time.

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@steelmouth Aahh, you have to watch Wiki, it's not regularly updated. @DarkNeoBahamut It is very impressive, you seem to think I'm having a pop at GT5?; I love GT5. Best racing game I've played in years. @IWKYB No you didn't, Halo as I said has had far more backing, in particualr Halo 3. Insults are juvenile.

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@MEDzZ3RO your list seems believable but hey I have always kinda trusted Wikipedia but they could be wrong, I dont know @brendanhunt1 Yah there are other lists that got GTA4 selling more see comment from @MEDzZ3RO above, I got the numbers from Wikipedia @DarkNeoBahamut no doubt we got to give it up for GT5 6mil + is impressive by any standard

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GT5 Full+GT5 Prologue=12 millions of copies :P

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Forza wipes it's rear end with the GT franchise

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gt5 is like MAG, it first came out with not much in it but then they ad new patch and the game became a lot more interesting to play. I did like it at first but the improvement have make me come back again. I'm playing the game with a g27 steering wheel and a playseat and its a freaking blast! I'm still thinking of buying forza3 and 4 soon :)

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For a racing sim that is super impressive. Plus a few million will be added to that when the price of the game and PS3 as a system drops. I'm sure it will sell in excess of 10million.