Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Update

Sony offers up some more details on its highly anticipated entry in the Gran Turismo series.


Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

Sony showed off a work-in-progress version of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue for the PlayStation 3. The near-final version of the game didn't differ much from the preview version we recently saw, but the press event gave Sony reps a chance to reveal some updates to the game. In particular, they explained the differences between the game that will ship to stores on a Blu-ray disc and the version that will show up on the PlayStation Network store.

For those who haven't followed it, GT5 Prologue is a meaty tidbit that Polyphony Digital is dropping for fans of the Gran Turismo series to tide them over until Gran Turismo 5 hits. The game has a respectable selection of gameplay modes, including online multiplayer, and a selection of cars for fans to hone their skills on in anticipation of GT5.

As in Japan, the game will come in two flavors: one you can download from the PlayStation Network and one you can pick up in a store on Blu-ray. The key difference is a documentary-style movie that offers a history of the series and follows the team as they go about their business working on the game. The behind-the-scenes flick will be exclusive to the Blu-ray version of the game, which will feature the same content as the PSN game without taking up the hard-drive space. In addition, GT5 Prologue will contain content not seen in the Japanese release, which hit late last year. Fans can look forward to 70 cars, exclusive music tracks, six racing tracks, 16-player online support, GT-TV mode content updates, and two-player split-screen play.

With the game so close to release, all we've got to say is check out the media we've taken for the game and drool. The wait won't be too much longer. Keep an eye out for our full review of GT5 Prologue soon.

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