Gran Turismo 5, Motorstorm 3D only tech demos

CES 2009: Impressive video showing RealD three-dimensional version of Polyphony Digital's forthcoming racer is for "demonstration purposes only"; ditto for SCEE's off-roader.


Various theories exist as to why Gran Turismo 5 isn't out yet. Though the top suspect is the consummate perfectionism of its developer, Polyphony Digital, another possibility was teased this morning at Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer's Consumer Electronics Show keynote. There, the executive displayed an image of the long-in-production game rendered in stereoscopic RealD 3D graphics, with the cars pictured visually popping out of the screen.

Evidence of a RealD 3D version of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue popped up at Sony's booth on the show floor in the form of a short tech demo. Playing on a loop, the video showed footage of menu screens and cars racing around Germany's Nurburgring. Seen through a pair of 3D glasses--which RealD requires--the demo had an impressive depth of field that gave the impression that one could reach into the screen. (Note: The footage above was shot only in 2D, and is shown both through glasses and without a 3D lens.)

Is the demo hard evidence of a cinema-style, stereoscopic, three-dimensional version of Gran Turismo 5? In short, no. "This is strictly for demonstration purposes only," the Sony employee on hand at the demo station said. "This is not a game." The same employee also stressed that the screen displaying the game wasn't an official Sony item. "That's not a product either," he said, waving rubberneckers on their way.

[UPDATE] On a subsequent trip to the Sony booth, a 3D demo version of Motorstorm: Pacific Rift was also on display for viewing using the RealD glasses. (Video below shot with naked eye, and so appears blurry.)

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Its funny that alot of games I know of, and want are delayed for 2010 at least. I remember the long wait and the delays on GT4 when I gave my PS2 attention. Graphically GT5 is better then GT4 of course, next gen, GT4 finally looks good again on my PS3, now that I finally managed to get it to interpret the last gen format. Remember when they canceled online last time for GT4? They had some troubles with that, resulting in a final drop to just LAN line play. It seems 5 for right now allows 15 opponents online, hopefully that is not the delay this time. I bet the delay is they do want to do something about the use of this 3D glasses game play. Ever since Monsters Vs Aliens, this RealD stuff seems to be dominating. Considering Disney has been confirmed to use this RealD glasses stuff for their game G-Force based off the movie of the same name, also be in RealD in theaters, now I know there is a very good chance that games like GT5 could market that way too. However when you are at a movie theater, the screen image reflects from behind, and then into your eyes. The TV however, the light is going into your eyes to your brain closer with the 3D glasses on. This was the first step until tech was invented in the future where you put the glasses on and the game image just goes directly into your eyes without a TV at all. However that caused headaches alot faster in addition to using the brain as a controller as games were made later to detect emotion as before with body movement.

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on ps3 i mean

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hey one question did the presumed damage update been released yet?!!! please advise me

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so then, what is taking gt5 so long if not 3d graphics? i need a good racing game now. burnout was a huge disappointment, the whole game is like the racing parts of gta 4, which i didnt play.

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Until they invent a Holo-deck, 3D and games just wont work. And even a "holo deck" really CANT work all that well, I mean the images are still being "projected" on a flat surface. Its a little known fact that even though you brain and eyes "preceive" a 3rd dimention when playing games, on some level they still now they are looking at a single plane with NO z-axis or depth axis. Enter the raging migrane. Thats why the VB failed, take faking 3D and add in the insane "black and red" color sceme and its a shock people did not sue for the brain damage it caused.

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NVIDIA had similar technology on display at CES for PC and they said it was ready for over 300 titles right out of the box. i tried it on L4D and Mirror's Edge and it was pretty amazing. it totally puts you right into the middle of the action and lets you control how much depth you want to add, letting you start off at something light then work your way up to something heavier for when your eyes are ready. only downside is you have to purchase a 120Hz LCD monitor in order to use it.

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No, Sony was just showing how well the graphics were on the ps3 with a game out-dated graphically, but still a 10/10 story. Although with all the speculation going on and advent children cinema movie, who knows but I pray they follow through with it after the crystal chronicles coming up soon.

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If they could add this sort of thing from an update, that would be 100% awesome. @1425678786655, Did they ever say the FFVII tech demo was going to be a retail game? I don't think so, therefore they put TECH DEMO in it.

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sony and their tech demos.. doubt this will happen kinda like "FFVII running on the ps3" tech demo.. and if this does are we gonna have to buy new tv's to play this better? :/ and i already have to wear glasses while playing games now i get another pair to wear over :( dumb idea imo

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is there a point of even showing this if noone here can even take advantage of it..

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@ Meluckycharms - Dude, sweet Virtual Boy reference LMAO. I haven't heard of that piece of crap in like 10 years. And to whoever filmed this, is it really that hard to hold your camera level with the screen?

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"This is not a game." The same employee also stressed that the screen displaying the game wasn't an official Sony item. "That's not a product either,"!!!!!! can (shtinky) READ???? yeah sony is like the last one to do 3d its samsung introduced the first 3d tv for home use in 2008 then Mitsubishi!!!! and lastly sony well not really as clearly stated that its not their product/official Sony item of corse this is useing REAL-Dand samsung uses TRI-DEF... regardless you can buy one right now @ you favorite retailer << LINK REMOVED >> and look here << LINK REMOVED >>+3d+ready+tv&rs=0&fr2=rs-top and here << LINK REMOVED >> why are you people so misinformed????,<< LINK REMOVED >>

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Yeah 3D will be in games soon, I think it will be the selling point of the next gen consoles, like HD was for this gen. But who wants to buy a new 3D tv set for next gen? People have already bought frickin HD.

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~ And so, Sony were the first ones to do Stereoscopic 3D; this day would be marked in the annals of Time ~

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One word: Virtual Boy!... um, yeah!

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@Zerabp who says "The point is if this is done and handled correctly it could easily revolutionize gaming as we know it especially the FPS genre." just like virtual reality? just like motion sensing (eg. wiimote, dualshock 3)? :-) hey i know i sound negative, but i think people read too much into 'new' technology. like vr and motion sensing, stereoscopic 3d introduces problems of its own, which lots dont seem to bother to think about. anyways, i only picked that link as a quick example from 30 seconds on google, but there are many examples out there, including 3d implemented on the pc in the same way shown here for ps3. the point im making is that people are always to quick to talk about revolutions all the time. things cant just add to the gaming experience, oh no, they have to be potential revolutions. but just because something is great, novel or different doesnt mean its t-h-e way forward, its just -a- way forward. the same arguements had been made for stereoscopic 3d and virtual reality in other fields for years, and where are they now? and the fact that film is a more passive experience is just an observation, not an explaination of why 3d hasnt taken off in films. imo, stereoscopic 3d like this is just a novelty and always will be. until such 3d can be achieved without the user having to wear special goggles (like the 'goggleless' 3d TVs in development, except the viewing angle is limited and its expensive to make) then it will continue to be a technology with promise but limited appeal.

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beekayjay we have GT5 yet?

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1. PS3 Check 2. 3D Glasses Check 3. GT 5 3D Version Check 4. Excedrin.... thats a BIG check. 3d and video games, sounds good on paper, then the next thing you know you got your face jammed in a Virtual Boy and a raging migrane.

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@MTMind2 You do realize that these are completely different technologies, one, the one from what you cited to be precise only makes the screen appear to pop out, it wasn't true 3d but an optical illusion. The latter shown at CES makes things pop out of the screen, hence true 3d effects. Also citing the movie industry as an example was a poor idea as the reason there wasn't a 3d revolution was because of how expensive it was to do a decent job on a film. That and the film is a more passive experience withdrawing a lot of the appeal of 3d as it is meant to be more interactive with an audience. The point is if this is done and handled correctly it could easily revolutionize gaming as we know it especially the FPS genre.

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kinda reminds me of Sly Cooper 3 the one with 3D

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this means more realstic gaming,but if somebody will do this right it is Nvidia,i mean it will be awsome to enter the jungles of crysis with supreb graphics or enter dead space world,it is scary enough with a screen what about playing it like this,the glasses of pc will be the best for sure.

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as long as the glasses are cool... I won't be wearing any dorky 3D glasses that's for sure....

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@Stale_Breadd who says "i've always dreamed for 3D games since spy kids 3D! this is gonna revolutionize gaming as we know it" you mean like how 3D revolutionized the cinema? :-) sorry to sound negative, but 'true' 3D always has been and always will be a novelty. besides, the pc has had this for years, and again whilst its caused some excited for a minority, it was still a novelty which soon wore off. << LINK REMOVED >> great fun, but of limited benefit to gaming.

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I agree with demoman_chaos this 3d stuff sould stick to car racing because I'm already disgusted by things like BIA HH which focus on the goryness.

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Modern graphics plus this 3D technology could be a bad thing. Imagine something like CoD4, modern combat with great realism, like this. It has the potential to either car gamers like a real battle would (shellshock), or blur the lines of reality to the point that a real war becomes a game to them. MGS4 raised this good point during one of its famous hour long cutscenes.

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I think people have started paying a bit too much attention to realism in games, and have forgotten about the fun factor...

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agreed mitch

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God you think they'd upgrade the sounds from Gran Turismo 3.. it still sounds the same along with the crappy wheel screeching noises that have been the same since GT1

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3D might not be new but you can also say that about gaming. 3D still have more to offer, and I am sure that 3D could be a fantastic gaming experience it just need to get better so it want fail again, which I am sure it will not.

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3D's are "last gen"

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its nothing new. i remember that Rad Racer on the nes featured THREE DEE too with the 3d goggle's... that came with it. its time to dig out that glasses or even those Spy Kids 3d movie had them too.

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wow!very amazing! with ps3,we don't need go to cinema 3D

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I'm hearing a lot of hype over this, but I can't see the results because those videos above would only be 3d if I was actually standing there in front of that tv, watching a video of a video on a computer monitor really isn't helping.

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At first glance, this sounds like a cheap gimmick from the NES. Kind of like the the Power Glove. I'm open to it though if it comes free with the game. Hope we don't have to buy a bunch of crap to go with it. Could be awesome.

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I can't believe developers are wasting their time with this crap... 3d, who cares? There's plenty of avenues for improving basic graphics without going for this stupid gimic.

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Talk about raising the bar. This is what SCE's about.

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Shock amazed! can't wait glad I bought a PS3, etc. etc. etc....WOW!!!!!

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i've always dreamed for 3D games since spy kids 3D! this is gonna revolutionize gaming as we know it.

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GT 5 is the most realistic game ever created

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Three-dimensional games won't be worth the hassle for a while. Two dimensions are fine for me, and anyway it's easier for people to watch me while I play in 2D. I doubt Sony will actually release a 3D game, unless they do something with experimental DLC. Still, I think that dis-assemble-able controller they filed a patent for will be their next big advancement, assuming it remains ergonomic. As for Motorstorm and Gran Turismo, I think we're going to see at least one of them soon. We've had two Gran Turismos every generation since PS1, and Motorstorm's been popping up every two years. As an avid fan of both (that doesn't even have a PS3 :( ), I'm definitely going to buy them ASAP. That's my two cents.

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well GAMEWAKO, the 3D aspect is a virtual thing that the eye creates when two colors (red and blue) fuse together, so the glasses are always going o be necessary unless they eventually invent something different. It's basically an illusion but it still needs perfecting as 3D movies still look a little blurry with the glasses on. PS: there is a FREE 3D game downloadable online. I think it's trackmania and if any of you guys have a pair of 3D glasses at home, I recomend you try it :) -tropic

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Is it just me or does slapping on a pair of 3-D glasses every time you wanna play a game or watch a movie just seem so 80's? I think until we can perfect 3-D tech to the point where an eye wear accessory is not necessary it will still be just that, not necessary!

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this game has rotten in development

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maybe 3d will be 'next big idea' for next-gen!

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dont worry WOOD_JL, soon PS3 will be playing fetch with the 360, or maybe is it already?

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I think I'm one of the few who actually milked the Prologue for all it was worth. Yes I got the Ferrari F1 the hard way, by winning endless races. I love the game and can't wait for GT V to come out. What's your rush though? There's plenty of other great games to keep you occupied if you actually play them all the way through.

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madSomnambulist wrote, a few comments down: "I can understand a LITTLE more delay in the GT5 release... by their own admission there are features in Prologue they'd like to add for testing(damage, pit stops)." I can't understand AT ALL delays based on these features; these features were implemented as far back as FORZA 1 on the FIRST XBOX....not to mention the 360 version. You don't have to be a fanboy to realize Sony has dropped the ball so far this generation.

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Damn that cell chip! PS3 is taking forever to bring the big titles. MGS4 was excellent, but now what?

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STILL no GT5? so much for flagship exclusive racing title Maybe GT5 and Duke Nukem Forever are waiting for the PS4 before they show themselves