Gran Turismo 5 delayed in Japan

Polyphony Digital's $60 million racing game has been pushed back indefinitely from its March launch in island nation; Western release now TBA.


Last September, Sony Computer Entertainment announced that Gran Turismo 5 would finally go on sale in March…in Japan. Though the long-awaited game was dated only for Japan, subsequent comments from its developer, Polyphony Digital, indicated that it would also arrive in Europe and North America soon after. At a 2009 Tokyo Game Show press conference, Polyphony head Kazunori Yamauchi said the main thing holding back its Western release was Sony's marketing strategy.

Like most expensive cars in the shop, Gran Turismo 5 will be road-ready later than expected.
Like most expensive cars in the shop, Gran Turismo 5 will be road-ready later than expected.

Unfortunately, Yamauchi's optimism was premature. Today in a short statement on its Web site, SCE announced that Gran Turismo 5 has been postponed. "We apologize for any inconvenience," the company said, without giving a reason for the delay. Fan sites, such as, pegged the delay as three months, indicating a Western release might not come until late 2010.

Today's news is the latest detour on Gran Turismo 5's road to release. First teased at the PlayStation 3's unveiling at the 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo, the ultrarealistic racer will feature nearly 1,000 vehicles on over 70 tracks in 20-plus locations. Budgeted at a whopping $60 million, it is also an official licensee of several prominent racing organizations, such as NASCAR and the World Rally Championship. An early sample of the PlayStation 3 exclusive, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, was released in April 2008, garnering decent reviews.

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Avatar image for rccars411

When is my vaporware coming out??? I pre-ordered this a long while ago and am sick of "delays". This game is the ONLY reason I bought a PS3. Hell, it's the only reason I bought a console.

Avatar image for ecksee

Perhaps they need some time to release GT5 Prologue Spec IV: The Quest for more money. It will feature another 20 cars that cannot be upgraded, no ability to play with your friends online, right side drive on all of the Japanese cars (just to keep irritating us in North America), and another $40 price tag. I'm tired of waiting for GT5. I'm only going to buy it if it comes with a free hooker.

Avatar image for junor69

how about we skip the GT5 and just go for GT6, after 3 year wait it looks like GT5 forever will ship together with duke nukem forever in few years offcourse. to bad it could have been good game 3 years ago!!!

Avatar image for JackNichols1

The developers are either gonna make loads of money when it comes out coz everyone will buy it, or no money coz everyone has got bored waiting :@

Avatar image for kibbik

@tidusjeff. you'll be surprised how similar PGR and GT5 look. from my experience GT5 is like a cross between PGR and Forza, except with rally events thrown in.

Avatar image for kibbik

oh MagicOneUp, that was quite good :D still playing Forza 3 :D three RRODs later yet i have still been able to play a top quality FULL version racing game for the past couple of years. still no regrets....thank you Forza 2 & 3.

Avatar image for MagicOneUp

GT5 should be out on day one, cos GT2 is exactly like GT1, GT4 is exactly like GT3.... all the datas is there from the previous games.... all the 100000's variety of the Skylines can't be that hard to implement? i got insider's info on why GT5 was delayed again... they were too busy playing Forza3....

Avatar image for MagicOneUp

@fps_d0minat0r "face it, who would spend 5 years making a game as good as that for xbox and it wouldnt even run?" only SONY of course! 5 years and counting... only if GT5 was any good to go by. if the demo was an indication of how GT5 would be like.... its rubbish to say the least. "54GB capacity and significantly larger system resources to work with" so they took one year to filled up ten GB????? what you are saying bigger storage meant better game? Haze, lair ect.... are all great games (not)... alrighty. Ps3 has better specs.... thats why all if not all games on the 360 are better. just an example, bayonetta are better on the 360. if the ps3 are more better spec'ed, it should handle it with no sweat....

Avatar image for bukkookkub

Man if only Duke Nuken Forever shipped with the game too... it would be the most anticipated combo since macaroni and cheese.

Avatar image for BaLLz_ON_FiRE

LMAO :lol:

Avatar image for Justforfun44

@tidusjeff - Actually you are mistaken. Project Gotham Racing 3 which launched with the Xbox 360 is the highest rated PGR game to date here on Gamespot.

Avatar image for tidusjeff

"Forza 3 (Xbox 360) laps GT5 (PS3) again. Here is a tip for Sony why don't they have GT ready the day Playstation ships? Xbox 360 had Project Gotham Racing on day one, and 360 owners have been racing ever since." The company feels they need to spend more time on it as oppose to staying with a deadline or rushing it. GT5 is either going to resemble the trial demo or it's going to be a racing game fanboys going to eat up. I'm not a Metropolis Street Racer expert but wasn't that PGR game on the 360 not as well received as PGR 1 and MSR?

Avatar image for denicola_a_god

damnnn so many delays

Avatar image for istuffedsunny

Ah and someone mentioned something hilarious - there have been two Forza games released in less time than it takes PD to develop one GT game, which I can only attribute to the PS3 being the PS3.

Avatar image for istuffedsunny

Between the terrible demos and the constant delays I've completely lost hope for this game. It sucks because I'm not a fan of Forza either, so I have nowhere to go for my racing fix

Avatar image for fps_d0minat0r

@ MagicOneUp i know......thats a good thing that ps3 is future proof. only reason ps3 games take so long is because they have 54GB capacity and significantly larger system resources to work with. face it, who would spend 5 years making a game as good as that for xbox and it wouldnt even run? if final fantasy was exclusive, even that would be in production......thanks to xbox's limitations its coming out earlier because the devs dont have to work as hard or long. next gen if the new xbox has respectable hardware youll see how long it takes making quality games.......obviously your not realising that games technically as bad as gears and halo dont take long to make. you think textures, sounds, polygons ect can just be pulled of trees and put on disk dont you?........your funny.

Avatar image for SDBusDriver1979

I'm pretty sure the delay comes down to Sony wanting to have GT5 as its foster child for 3D enabled gaming and fit it in at the last minute.

Avatar image for dkslade

grant turismo??????? the prologue released when the ps3 did. now we wont see GT5 til ps4??

Avatar image for Bufta

In my long gaming career, delays have only meant one thing - TECHNICAL ISSUES, and judging from the demos and prologue there are significant Tearing issues and some minor framerate drops apparent in there. Polyphony have said that they were having trouble getting the game to run in quasi 1080p ages ago, so this further delay is no surprise to me.

Avatar image for Bufta

GT6 is gonna be out before GT5.....!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for szakcsi

when will they release the game?

Avatar image for akiwak

So much detail is so crazy. I bet that someone discovered the issue with the cup holders being off and now programmers are working around the clock trying to fix the issue... This is the cost of perfection!!!

Avatar image for prodrive82

can i just say that maybe they are trying to get gt5 a all round release so we all get it at the same time. however in my opinion if they hold it back any more this game may not make it at all because fans will just forget gt5.

Avatar image for junor69

well well well it looks lik im going to play forza10 by the time GT5 is done thanks but no thanks, its a joke alredy. I use to be GT fan but i just dont care anymore

Avatar image for MagicOneUp

its has to be the best game or else, or ELSE!!!!

Avatar image for Gamerzrule97

at this rate there will be another prologue released!

Avatar image for MadGamer132

it doesn't matter if it gets delayed then sometimes it might get crappy, but not good games like gran turismo

Avatar image for Justforfun44

Forza 3 (Xbox 360) laps GT5 (PS3) again. Here is a tip for Sony why don't they have GT ready the day Playstation ships? Xbox 360 had Project Gotham Racing on day one, and 360 owners have been racing ever since.

Avatar image for Spike_Cloud

If Last Guardian comes out before Gran Turismo 5... that's sad. Heck, Heavy Rain is coming out first... Polyphony is failing us!!!!

Avatar image for Excedra

Forza 3 is better cuz you can actually play it.

Avatar image for steelmouth

it would be funny if all this delay is b'cos forza got em running scared or even funnier if its delayed coz they still discussing the x360 release of GT5

Avatar image for Zeetex85

this is another sony gem im waiting for as well as to God Of War 3,MAG,Heavy Rain,White Knight Chronicles,Dante's Inferno,Bioshock 2,DC Universe Online and much more

Avatar image for Avenger1324

maybe this is one of the endurance races - see how long you can be bothered to follow the game waiting for it to come out. Gran Turismo is a flagship exclusive product for the PS3 that should have been out within months of the console launch. Instead they have wasted another 3+ years and still have nothing to show for it.

Avatar image for player_leo

Why am I not suprised. We might be able to chalk this one up as a 2011 release.

Avatar image for Jinroh_basic

i think "indefinitely" is stretching it. i was shocked when i read that, lol...

Avatar image for AnGRY_duTchMAN

Oh, cock

Avatar image for BigDaddy528

The delay is only for one month. A whole lot of games are coming to Europe and U.S. in March anyway, including GoW III and FFX III. There's no reason to bash GT5 for delaying when there's so many games in the lineup of March. Also, they said there's a delay in Japan (not Europe, not U.S.). when they release it for Japan, they may make the target time for releasing it in Europe and the U.S.

Avatar image for jackdaniel594

its stupid tjat people whinge about the demo... its called a 'demo' for a reason, because it is an UNfinished demonstration, and improvements are made after the demo's release.. while im sure forza 3 would be only something to keep everyone occupied til GT5 is released, as it is sooo muych better than forza... GT5 prologue itself was good enough to be a full-length game, so GT5 will be awesome

Avatar image for singhellotaku

oh come on! is any game going to be released on time?

Avatar image for deactivated-5c1c6afab6272

Wow that sucks.... By the time this game comes it'll be probably Forza 10+... I hope whatever they are doing is worthwhile as the longer they delay it I can see alot of long time fans being over this game and moving on to other driving sims.

Avatar image for joksterz78

bwahaha, GTFO here man!!

Avatar image for MagicOneUp

@ fps_d0minat0r Gt5 will be released on your 'future proof' machine.... one day, probably this millennium. @taylormadederek 5 years for a demo that dosn't look and plays that well.... i know it too will be amazing.... long time. "GT is damn good and closer to actual perfection." whatever you say mate, we can all tell by the demo...

Avatar image for maximo1

If anyone has gotten to see this game up close, you know how terrible the damage modeling really is. I was just telling my friend the other day that I saw no way that they could fix this in time. Now, it's delayed. No surprise here at all.

Avatar image for wondernova

thats an absolute joke. this game has been pushed back so many times. im over it. ill stick with Forza 3

Avatar image for BigDaddy528

makes me wonder if the expansion of blu-ray has anything to do with it? also, they made a contest for that demo, so I'm thinking they took data out of that demo so load times wouldn't be so long? I don't know.....

Avatar image for alexLmx6

while im glad to see a company taking its time and not rushing the game, this is just crazyness.. they could at least explain themselves, i guess ill just haveta keep playing forza then

Avatar image for gobbo00

I suspect it may have something to do with streaming. When they put it all on a disk, slowdown and long load times became a issue. Most games get by this with a mandatory install. However looking at forza 3 needing a 2+gig install for all the content. And GT5 being higher in detail and having 600 more cars (not to mention rally & road to simulate, and the slower read times on the bluray drive). I would expect the install would be HUGE somthing nobody wants. Heck the textures uncompressed these days excede a dual layer BD-Rom in most games.

Avatar image for profileap600

Maybe they saw the bad response to the demo and decided to make changes based on what people are saying? I hope.

Avatar image for skullboy950

Oh great, here we go again with all the damn delays.