Gran Turismo 3 gets a sequel

Sony unveils a brand new Gran Turismo game at the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show.


It hasn't even been six months since the release of Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec, and there's already a sequel in the works. What's more surprising is that this sequel will be out in early January--in Japan, anyway. However, the word "sequel" might be slightly misleading. The game, called Gran Turismo Concept 2001 Tokyo, will make use of the same graphics engine, physics, control, and gameplay mechanics as Gran Turismo 3. In fact, the only thing that GTC will have that its predecessor doesn't is a group of more than 20 new cars.

It's no coincidence that GTC was unveiled at the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show, because some of the new cars that will be featured in this game are some of the most prominently showcased concept cars at this annual event. Included in the new list of cars are the new Honda NSX Type-R, which boasts a redesigned front facade and rear wing, as well as a new carbon-fiber hood; the 2003 Nissan Z, which varies in appearance from the Concept Z in Gran Turismo 3; the upcoming Honda Integra Type-R, which looks a little different than the Acura RSX Type-S from A-Spec; the Honda Civic Type-R; and the Nissan Skyline 300GT sedan. The entire list of new cars is as follows:

Daihatsu: Copen
Honda: Civic Type-R, Integra Type-R, NSX-R, Dualnote
Mazda: RX-7 Type R Bathurst, RX-8, Atenza 5HB
Nissan: R34 SKYLINE GT-R M-spec, GT-R Concept, Fairlady Z, Skyline 300GT, Premera 20V
Subaru: Impreza WRX Sti Prodrive Style
Toyota: Altezza Gita AS200, Soarer 430 SCV, WicLI VS, Pod, RSC

GTC won't have a garage, or a Gran Turismo mode, or anything of the like. The entire game will be a glorified arcade mode that will let players race any of these new cars on five different tracks. Series creator Kazunori Yamauchi said that Polyphony Digital has yet to decide whether some or all of these tracks will be new. Naturally, since GTC isn't what many would consider to be a "full" game, it won't carry a full price tag. Currently, Sony anticipates the game to retail for 3,200 yen (about $26).

Interestingly enough, Yamauchi said that Gran Turismo Concept is the first in a series of future stand-alone expansion packs that will add new cars and possibly new tracks to Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec. We'll have more detailed impressions of this game, as well as gameplay footage, from the show floor of the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show tomorrow.

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