Gran Turismo 2

Choose from more than 400 cars and 20 courses.


As we've reported in GameSpot News, GT2 is being developed by Polyphony Digital, the same Sony satellite company that developed the original game. Players will be able to choose from more than 400 cars (more US and European automakers will have cars in this edition), and 20 courses will be available for players' driving pleasure (there were only eleven tracks in the original). Sony's hyping the game's "peerless" 3D graphics and it will be Dual Shock compatible (no surprise).

The original Gran Turismo remains an enormously popular game, and there's little doubt but that the market for this second one will be huge, especially if Sony tweaks and enhances gameplay but keeps that old GT feeling, which it sounds like the company intends to do. Watch for it this fall.

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