Grab Your Next Free Mythical Pokemon Now

Add a Victini to your collection today.


It's September, and that means it's time to claim another free Mythical Pokemon.

This month's offering is Victini. It's a level 100 version of the Psychic/Fire type, and it comes with the Victory Star ability and Incinerate, Quick Attack, Endure, and Confusion moves.

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Victini is free from now until September 24 as part of the ongoing 20th anniversary celebration of Pokemon. It's obtainable in Pokemon X/Y or Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby. Unlike some of the other freebies, this one doesn't require you to go to a store; you can get it by simply going online.

To do so, all you need to do is select the Receive Gift option from the main menu, choose to receive the gift through the internet, and then visit a Pokemon Center in-game.

This giveaway has been going on since February as part of the franchise's 20th anniversary celebration. It'll continue through the end of the year, with the likes of Keldeo (October) and Genesect (November) still to come.

A new Pokemon game is on the way to 3DS in the form of Sun and Moon. We learned today that those who buy it by January 11 will be able to get a Munchlax that can evolve into a special version of Snorlax.

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