Grab Total War: Warhammer (And Some Mystery Games) For A Mere $12

Creative Assembly's strategy game has never dropped below $45 on Steam.


As was the case with the the most recent bundle, you can grab a $60 Steam game at a steep discount right now courtesy of Humble Monthly.

Humble Monthly is Humble's Loot Crate-esque subscription service, where you pay in advance for a mystery pack of games. One of these is always announced ahead of time, and for March it's Total War: Warhammer, Creative Assembly's strategy game that debuted last May.

For $12, you're guaranteed a copy of the game and others that will be revealed on the first Friday of March. If you pay now, you can start playing Total War: Warhammer immediately, while you'll have to wait for March 3 to get your hands on the others.

Provided you're interested in Total War: Warhammer--read GameSpot's review here--this is an excellent deal. It still regularly sells for $60 on Steam, and according to SteamPrices, it's never been offered on Valve's store for less than $45.

February's bundle (which it's now too late to buy) was similarly good, as it was an opportunity to pick up XCOM 2 and other games for $12. Those others were revealed today and are none too shabby; the list includes Abzu, Ryse: Son of Rome, and SteamWorld Heist.

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