Grab This Steeply Discounted 400GB MicroSD For Switch Or Steam Deck

That's enough space to store plenty of indie games or roughly two Call of Duty titles.


One of the best and easiest gifts that you can grab during Black Friday is a microSD card with a large amount of storage space. Available at Amazon, the SanDisk 400GB microSD card is just $31 right now.

Alternatively, you can also drop a bit of extra cash on the newer SanDisk Ultra microSD card, which bumps the storage capacity up to an impressive 512GB for $40.

SanDisk 400 GB micro SD card
SanDisk 400 GB micro SD card

At 400GB, there's plenty of potential for this little storage device. Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch owners can find plenty of use for it, either to create a gargantuan library of indie titles or to store some of the more demanding titles in their collection on it. Modern games typically eat up anywhere from 40-100GB of storage space, so having an SD card that can house roughly 2.5 Call of Duty Warzones is very handy.

Even if you're not looking to put games on this microSD card, there's still plenty you can do with it. As a class 10-certified memory card, it's great for photography and capturing 4K video content, you can easily bump up the storage options on your Android devices, and with up to 120MB/s transfer speeds, you'll get everything that you need on and off of this card very quickly.

There are plenty of other great hardware deals available for Black Friday, in case you're looking for some easy stocking-stuffers. One of the best gaming headsets at its price-point, the Razer Blackshark V2 Pro, is just $100 right now and you can check out GameSpot's roundups for the best Black Friday PS5 headset deals and best Black Friday Xbox headset deals currently available.

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