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Grab This Game Free On Steam For A Limited Time

Four Kings One War puts a spin on chess with four separate armies, and you can get it free on PC or Mac now.


Four Kings One War looks like chess at first glance, but it's a much more complex game with a serious learning curve. If you're interested in trying it out without having to pay a dime, the game is free to keep on Steam right now.

Supporting one and two players, Four Kings One War features four different armies on a single board, and you have control of two of them. This means you can make two moves rather than one in each turn, splitting up your armies and potentially attacking from a direction your opponent isn't expecting. It means the normal strategies and tactics used in normal chess are no longer sound, forcing even experienced players to practice.

There are multiple environments to choose from, as well, and you'll see spirits appears and do battle when you make moves. Every move counts, as you can quickly have your own pieces overwhelmed if you aren't careful to protect them.

Four Kings One War is available for free on both PC and Mac, and with 8 GB of recommended RAM and very little storage space needed, chances are high that your system can run it. It will be free until May 19, and there is also a free demo available permanently against the AI if you decide to try it after that point.

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