Grab This Free Strategy Game On Humble--But Hurry

To fight or befriend the aliens: that is the question.

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Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords

Bargain hunters who appreciate a good strategy game are in luck, because Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition is currently free on the Humble Store. You can grab your Steam code here--but do it quickly, because the game goes back to its regular price of $20 on Saturday, May 19.

Galactic Civilizations II is a PC strategy game from 2006 that's set in a future when humans have ventured out and colonized other planets. Unfortunately for us, several races of aliens had eyes on the area where we set up shop. Cue an intergalactic war of civilizations. Your job is to lead humanity on its quest to conquer the stars. To that effect, you must manage resources and deploy forces in order to defeat (or befriend) the enemies through military conquest, cultural domination, alliance, or technological supremacy.

The Ultimate Edition comes with the game, titled Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords, plus the expansions Dark Avatar (2007) and Twilight of the Arnor (2008). These expansions add new campaigns, civilizations, and more to the core gameplay.

Galactic Civilizations II was well received when it launched, earning an 86/100 on our sister site Metacritic and getting praise in particular for its crafty enemy AI.

From GameSpot's 9/10 Galactic Civilizations II review: "Galactic Civilizations II is a game that provides that 'just one more turn' compulsion, and that appears to have the ability to stay fresh, surprising, and replayable for a long time. One of the greatest compliments is the comparison to Civilization IV that many people are making. Suffice it to say that Galactic Civilizations II is different in many ways than Civ IV, but stands next to it as one of the all-time best 4X strategy games."

Download it now before it goes back to full price.

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