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Grab The WD Black Xbox Expansion Card For A Great Price

Expanding your Xbox Series X|S is as simple as plugging in this slick expansion card from WD Black.


If you're running out of space on your Xbox Series X|S, now's a great time to fix that pesky problem. The WD Black C50 1TB Xbox storage expansion card is on sale for $125 at Amazon and Best Buy for Black Friday 2023. If you want to increase your storage capacity of your Xbox Series X|S without making any concessions, you need an officially licensed, proprietary expansion card--the C50 is one of two that'll do the trick.

These dedicated expansion cards offer the benefit of both storing and running games directly from this little storage device. Without an expansion card, running out of storage space means either deleting games and downloading again later or transferring games to an external hard drive. But only Xbox One games can be played off of a portable drive; you cannot play Xbox Series X|S games not stored on your internal drive without a Western Digital or Seagate expansion card.

The C50 is also an attractive piece of portable technology, as this card features WD Black's trademark industrial aesthetic. As mentioned, this is actually the second officially licensed expansion card for Xbox Series X|S cards, as Seagate launched its own version alongside the consoles when they were first made available in late 2020. Only the Western Digital expansion card is on sale at this time.

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