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Grab The Last Of Us 2 For $48.49 For A Limited Time

Just a week after its release, The Last of Us 2 is on sale for more than $10 off, which is the first discount we've seen for the PS4 exclusive.


If you're not one of the 4 million PS4 owners who purchased The Last of Us Part 2 in the past week, you have a chance to join the party at a discount right now. Up until now, The Last of Us 2 has always sold at its full $60 price, and to be honest, it's surprising to see a PS4 exclusive like TLOU 2 discounted at all this soon after release. Rakuten has The Last of Us 2 for $48.49 with promo code GAL5, but you probably don't have very long to take advantage of this great offer.

To get the deal, you need to sign up for a free Rakuten membership, and then enter the promo code a checkout. Without a membership, you'll get The Last of Us 2 for $53.49, so you should obviously complete the quick registration process. The only downside to this deal is that the shipping window (July 1-10) is rather wide, but you do get free shipping.

At 4 million copies sold in the first three weeks, The Last of Us 2 outsold not only its predecessor, but other popular PS4 exclusives such as Marvel's Spider-Man and God of War.

The game earned an 8/10 in GameSpot's The Last of Us 2 review. "It's a hard game to stomach, in part because so much of who Ellie is and what she does is beyond your control," editor Kallie Plagge wrote. "She is deeply complicated and flawed, and her selfishness hurts a lot of people. At times, the pain you inflict feels so senseless that it can leave you numb. It's all messy and bleak and made me profoundly sad for myriad reasons, but the more I reflect on it, the more I appreciate the story and characters at its core. I wanted almost none of it to happen the way it did, and that's what's both beautiful and devastating about it."

Once you pick up the game, we have a comprehensive walkthrough as well as tips and collectibles guides, so don't forget to check those out if you need a little assistance during your playthrough.

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