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Grab Sonic Frontiers For 50% Off For A Limited Time

Sonic Frontiers is on sale for only $30 ahead of Prime Day Round 2.


Sonic Frontiers is on sale for as low as $30 at GameStop and Amazon. GameStop's deal is included in the retailer's Pro Week sale, while Amazon, as the online juggernaut is known to do, is matching the offer ahead of Prime Day Round 2. The $30 price applies to the PS5, PS4, and Xbox versions of the 3D adventure at GameStop, but Amazon only has it for PS5 and PS4.

A massive collection of "open-zone" gameplay that feels like a mix between Death Stranding and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Sonic Frontiers gives you all the space you need to go fast, strike hard, and collect tons of rings along the way.

While the big sandboxes are the main event of this game, there's also a delightful number of retro-inspired levels that riff fantastically on Sonic's Sega Genesis glory days, putting a new spin on classic stages.

"Running around at the speed of sound might be a mantra of the fleet-footed hedgehog, but Sonic Frontiers is at its best when you're given time to simply explore," Richard Wakeling wrote in GameSpot's Sonic Frontiers review. "The music is calming and also solemn at times--even if it knows when to burst into life with a punk rock energy--and there's even a fishing minigame that lets you earn rewards while slowing down the pace a step further. It's easy to fall into a zen-like flow as you traverse each island, rattling off objectives as you happen upon them."

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