Grab An Extra Switch Controller Or Two At A Discount Right Now

PowerA's wired Switch controllers are discounted at Amazon and Best Buy right now.


If you need an extra controller for your Nintendo Switch, then there are some great deals available right now. PowerA's budget-minded controller line makes it easy to accrue controllers for Players 2, 3, and 4, and at the moment, Best Buy and Amazon have discounted a selection of its best. They're discounted to $15, down from $25, and you have your choice between three different themes: Mario, Pikachu, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Some of PowerA's controllers come with an extra pair of back buttons that you can remap to different inputs, though it's important to note these wired controllers do not feature said buttons. Thankfully, if you're interested in a pad that does come with them--or even a GameCube-inspired controller--PowerA has a bunch of different options.

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PowerA's controllers work well with most of the Switch's games, and with the recent release of the latest Animal Crossing game, it's the perfect time to get a new one. GameSpot's Animal Crossing: New Horizons review-in-progress scores the game an 8/10, with reviews editor Kallie Plagge praising its expressive villagers, character customization, and impressive new Nook Miles system.

You can see a selection of PowerA's best controllers at great prices below. A number of the controllers have different editions you can view through a drop-down menu

Best Nintendo Switch controller deals

PowerA wired Nintendo Switch controllers

$15 ($25)

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PowerA's standard wired controllers are available at a discount right now. While these controllers are capable of playing most Switch games, it's important to note they don't feature rumble, motion controls, or NFC/Amiibo support.

PowerA Enhanced wireless Nintendo Switch controller

Starts at $33.74 ($50)

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PowerA's Enhanced line of controllers feature back buttons that can take on the function of any buttons you map them to. They're remappable on the fly as well, so it's easy to switch inputs depending on the game or situation you're in. These controllers also feature motion controls, though they do not boast rumble or NFC/Amiibo support. On top of that, they are powered by two AA batteries, so you'll need a pair of those if you want to use this pad.

See more controller styles at Amazon

PowerA wired GameCube-style controller for Nintendo Switch


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If you're looking for a GameCube-style controller that can also double as a proper controller for most Switch games, then PowerA's wired GameCube option is a good choice. The C-stick and D-pad are slightly bigger than the original GameCube's controller. PowerA's pad also features a left bumper button.

PowerA wireless GameCube-style controller for Nintendo Switch

$27 ($50)

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PowerA's wireless GameCube-style pad requires two AA batteries, but other than that, it features everything the wired controller does--with the addition of motion controls to boot. They're regularly priced at $50, but Amazon has some good deals on a number of the different versions.

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