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Celebrate Pride with another acclaimed Dontnod story.


You can pick up acclaimed narrative game Tell Me Why on Steam and Xbox for free this month. The entire game (i.e. all three chapters) is complimentary in June to celebrate Pride month, as the game includes queer characters and themes.

From Life Is Strange developer Dontnod, Tell Me Why explores the story of twin siblings, Tyler and Alyson Ronan, who have a supernatural bond that allows them to psychically share memories and emotions. After many years away, the pair return to their childhood hometown in Alaska to sell their old family home. However, as they explore the house, forgotten memories from their childhood surface. Tyler and Alyson must use their connection to reveal the past.

Tell Me Why plays much like Dontnod's previous narrative work. Players control a character, explore environments to uncover the story, and activate supernatural powers to solve puzzles and advance the plot. The emphasis is more on emotional stakes and grounded storytelling than intriguing puzzles or engaged mystery-solving. In GameSpot's Tell Me Why review, reviewer Justin Clark gave the game a 7/10 and said, "There's a lot of empty disengaging space to be filled in in this game, but with a little patience and sympathy, what it does provide you is worth the effort."

The game was also free during Pride month in 2021. Back then, Dontnod stated that it hoped would players would spend the money they would have used for Tell Me Why to directly support queer and trans communities. The deal expires on July 1, so be sure to pick up your free copy on Xbox or Steam before then.

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