Grab A Cheap Nintendo Switch Memory Card Today Only In The US

The game library continues to grow.

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With Super Mario Odyssey's release coming up later this month, the Nintendo Switch's library of games is set to grow with another notable title. But there's already no shortage of great games to play, particularly on the Eshop. Switch ships with only 32 GB of storage, and just 25.9 GB of that is actually usable. Whether you've already run out of space or are worried about doing so in the future, now is as good of a time as any to add some additional storage.

Among Amazon's daily deals is one featuring SanDisk memory that includes both flash drives and microSD cards, which Nintendo supports. We recommended some of these memory cards for Switch back when the system first launched, and today's deal provides up to 25% off what was already a cheaply priced set of cards. At the low end, you can get an extra 32 GB for only $11, while 64 GB is just $18. Those seeking even larger options can pick up a 128 GB card for $37, 200 GB for $63, or 256 GB for $100.

These prices are available for today only; they expire at 12 AM PT / 3 AM ET on October 17 and do not require an Amazon Prime membership. Take note these are UHS-I cards, which are not the fastest ones available, but we found the difference between these and UHS-3 cards to be negligible.

Super Mario Odyssey releases for Switch on October 27. On its own, it won't demand a ton of storage--Odyssey's digital version is reportedly 5.7 GB in size.

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