Grab 8 Steam Deck-Verified Games For $20

The bundle includes Steam keys for Orcs Must Die 3, MechWarrior 5, and more.


If you managed to get your hands on a Steam Deck, consider checking out the latest Humble Bundle--which offers eight Steam Deck-verified games for just $20. Included in the bundle you'll find Orcs Must Die 3, Neon Abyss, MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries, and more.

If you're not looking to drop $20, Humble is offering a $10 tier that includes Parkasaurus, Paint the Town Red, Exanima, and Orcs Must Die 2: Complete. Regardless of which bundle you pick, you'll be able to redeem all your games through Steam and benefit from full support for Steam Deck.

Orcs Must Die 3 is arguably the most well-known game of the bunch, offering over-the-top action that sees you laying traps and slaying legions of orcs as you protect your vulnerable rift. If solo play isn't chaotic enough for you, the game features a cooperative mode that lets you and a buddy team up for even more orc-slaying action.

If you're looking for something a bit more methodical, you can check out the isometric RPG Exanima. The indie title features fully interactive maps, and you'll have plenty of options at your disposal when it comes to exploring its gloomy world and fighting off its haunting inhabitants.

Like all Humble Bundles, a portion of the Handheld PC Power Bundle proceeds goes to charity. This time the funds are split between Lifelites and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals--both of which work to help provide critical treatments to children.

Take a look at the list below for the full library of games in this bundle. Also, make sure to check out Humble's other current bundles, including the stellar Game Over, T1D bundle featuring 12 games for 12 bucks.

Handheld PC Power Bundle

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