Gothic Set for Summer Release

A single-player RPG is in the works from Egmont and Piranha Bytes.


Egmont Interactive and Piranha Bytes plan to release Gothic for the PC in July 2000. According to the publisher, the single-player action-RPG title is set in a prison world and requires the player to survive in a hostile environment of competing factions. To do this, players must make allies and work their way up through the ranks of the organization by performing various tasks.

The game is expected to include an innovative and complex social environment, in which the players' actions will have a lasting effect on their alliances. Both the environment and the inhabitants are supposed to change over time, in some cases independent of the players' actions, which the developers feel will reduce the chance of playing the same situation twice. In addition, the motion-capture animation used in the game is expected to appeal to a wider audience than just RPG fans.

Egmont and Piranha plan to present the game at E3 in May.

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