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Gothic II details

JoWood releases the first details on the defensive and destructive magic spells that will appear in its upcoming RPG. New screens inside.


JoWood Productions has today released the first official details on the magic spells that players will be able to use in Gothic II. The game will feature 50 different spells in total, although these will be divided up into seven "circles of magic," which are essentially levels that players must attain before they're able to use the more powerful spells.

Players will initially have access to only a very limited number of spells, including a holy arrow attack and light healing. As players progress through the game and grow more powerful, they'll gain access to spells that will allow them to throw fireballs, call lightning down from the heavens, freeze enemies, and even summon creatures such as goblin skeletons and demons to aid them. Should players progress to the final circle of magic, their arsenal of spells will include the veil of death, which instantly snuffs out the life force of an enemy, and the power to summon an entire army of undead.

New spells can be earned in a number of ways, and while some can simply be found or purchased, many will be attained only upon the completion of a quest. In addition to the spells contained in the circles of magic, players who choose to play as either a mage or a paladin will have the ability to morph into creatures such as sheep and wolves.

Gothic II is currently in development at Piranha Bytes and is scheduled for release early next year. For more information, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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