Gothic devs raising Risen

Piranha Bytes teams with publisher Deep Silver for a new shipwrecked RPG set on an island with ancient ruins and an active volcano.



German development house Piranha Bytes appears to be getting over its Gothic phase. Established in 1997, the studio has created Gothic, Gothic II, Gothic II: Night of the Raven, and Gothic 3. However, today it announced that it would be trading in the setting of its familiar open-world role-playing game series for a new world in the upcoming Risen.

Logo + countdown clock = hype.
Logo + countdown clock = hype.

Produced in conjunction with Deep Silver, Risen takes place on an island where the player is shipwrecked. But don't expect a gaming successor to Cast Away; this particular island should have plenty to do with a wealth of unusual creatures, ancient ruins springing forth from the earth, and a conspicuously active volcano to keep in mind.

Previously in development under the code name "Project RPB," Risen will receive a more proper unveiling at this year's Games Convention in Leipzig. Until then, gamers can look for clues on the game's official Web site.

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