Gothic 3 good to go

Aspyr Media sets November 13 ship date for open-ended PC role-playing game from Piranha Bytes.


Gothic 3

Bethesda Softworks breathed some life into the single-player PC role-playing game earlier this year with the hit The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Now Aspyr Media is hoping for that particular brand of game to experience a full recovery as it publishes Piranha Games' Gothic 3 next month.

Aspyr today announced that Gothic would be shipping to North American retailers November 13, "ensuring that it lands on store shelves by November 20." Gothic 3 picks up the series saga, putting players in control of a nameless hero once more. This time, the hero's land is overrun with Orcs and it's up to the player to decide whether to throw in with the orcish hordes, rise up against them, or find some other resolution.

The game is rated T for Teen and will retail for $39.99. For more on the game, check out GameSpot's latest hands-on impressions.

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