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Gotham Knights Revealed, Is A Co-Op Game Where Batman Is Dead

WB Montreal has finally announced Batman: Gotham Knights, a new game with a focus on the whole Bat-family.


WB Games Montreal has finally revealed its long-rumored Batman project at DC Fandome, after months of teasers and rumors. As the rumors suggested, the game is called Gotham Knights, and features multiple playable characters from within the Bat-family. It's coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X in 2021. Unlike the Arkham games, you won't be playing as Bruce Wayne. In fact, the billionaire Caped Crusader is dead.

The reveal trailer showed Gotham City grappling with the death of Bruce Wayne. Before he went, though, he recorded a message calling the four protagonists into action: Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, and Red Hood. The trailer showed each of them in action, including heroes fighting together. A separate press release confirmed it can be played solo or with two-player co-op. The cinematic ended with confirmation that the story will include the Court of Owls, with an eerie recitation of the poem from the comic book arc.

The developer chat and extended gameplay demo that followed seemed to suggest some degree of a live aspect to the game, with the ability to customize your hero and enemies shown with HP, XP, and level indicators. The studio said it chose each hero for their "unique starting point and a long runway for growth." A press release said players can "reinvent themselves into their own version of the Dark Knight." The demo also showed a boss battle against Mr. Freeze.

The press release also outlined how we can expect the four characters to play differently. Batgirl is a hacker who uses her tonfa and martial arts. Nightwing is a more acrobatic fighter who uses Escrima sticks. Red Hood is a vigilante who uses a combination of traditional and high-tech weapons, including firearms. Finally, Robin is a prodigy with a background in psychological warfare, who uses a quarterstaff and stealth techniques. You might remember that Batgirl--real name Barbara Gordon--was paralyzed by Joker in the Arkham games. Because this is not set in the same continuity, she is able to put on the mask again.

The studio has been dropping hints about the game since last September, but those teasers have accelerated in the last week. WB Montreal announced that its next game will be featured in a developer panel at the show, and then it began dropping clues through a teaser site that revealed a map and references to villains like Two-Face.

WB Montreal's developer talk isn't the only DC Comics-based video game revealed during Fandome. Rocksteady also showed off Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Unlike Gotham Knights, this game takes place in the same universe as the Arkham games, acting as a semi-sequel. It also takes place at least partly in the much brighter environment of Metrpolis, whereas the Arkham games and Gotham Knights have been set in Gotham City.

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