Gotham Knights Gameplay Demo Features Mr. Freeze Boss Fight

A narrated gameplay demo for Gotham Knights finds the city completely frozen after Mr. Freeze manipulated the weather.


Following its official reveal trailer during DC Fandome, WB Games Montreal has posted an extended gameplay demonstration for Gotham Knights. The demonstration shows off Batgirl's combat prowess, which is distinctly different from how she, and other characters, played in previous Batman: Arkham games.

The video, narrated by creative director Patrick Redding, takes place about a dozen hours into Batgirl's progression in the game. Featuring an attack on Elliot Center--where Mr. Freeze has set up shop--it shows off several of the other playable characters in the game, including Red Hood. Freeze has manipulated the weather to actually flash-freeze the city, and it will take everything the young cast of heroes has to take him down.

Batgirl's agile fighting style allows her to quickly close the gaps on enemies and use their aggression against them. It's a far cry from the brutal and power-focused style of Batman, and should help to separate her from the other playable characters.

At the very end of the trailer, we get a taste of a boss fight between Mr. Freeze and Batgirl. Robin also joins in the fight, and Redding explained that your experiences against bosses will actually change depending on your level. Different attacks and abilities can pop up if you attempt the fight at level five versus level 20, for instance. However, the walkthrough ends before we could actually see how this would play out. More like Mr. Tease.

Gotham Knights releases on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, and PC in 2021.

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