Gotham Actor Plays Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order's Main Character

The Force is strong with this one.

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Now Playing: Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Release Date and Trailer Details - GS News Update

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order follows the story of a Padawan that escaped the Emperor's ruthless extermination of the Jedi, and developer Respawn Entertainment has brought in actor Cameron Monaghan to portray its main character, Cal Kestis. Fans were introduced to Kestis and Monaghan during the Jedi Fallen Order panel held at this year's Star Wars Celebration.

Monaghan is known for starring as Ian Gallagher in the TV series Shameless and, more recently, has made a name for himself playing Jerome and Jeremiah Valeska, a version of DC's iconic villain Joker in the Batman prequel series Gotham.

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His character, Cal Kestis, is on a journey to overcome the tragic events of his past while also attempting to complete his training to become a full-fledged Jedi. Of course, he's also fighting for his life, as the Empire and its Inquisitors have been empowered by Order 66 to wipe out the Jedi, and they're after him.

During the panel, developer Respawn Entertainment also confirmed that Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order's release date as November 15. The game will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC through publisher EA's Origin service.

Star Wars Celebration also gave us the first trailer for next entry in the movie franchise and confirmed that the film will be titled Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. You can watch the trailer here. If that wasn't enough Star Wars for you, Disney revealed that The Mandalorian, a spin-off TV series from Iron Man, Jungle Book, and The Lion King director Jon Favreau will be available when the Disney+ streaming service launches later this year.

Star Wars Celebration is sure to keep on delivering exciting news and tidbits about the future of the beloved franchise. You can stay up-to-date with all of it using our Star Wars Celebration roundup, which is being updated as and when new information is revealed.

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Avatar image for Jolandir

Wow, looks great and sounds like it will have a great story! Really hoping they will do really well with this game.

Avatar image for jsprunk

Jerome Valeska

Avatar image for lomsha

Ian Gallagher!

Avatar image for dnavideochannel

From the trailer it sounds interesting, I'm curious to see if they invent something new and interesting or it's one of the classic games they have been producing lately.

Avatar image for tabyrd32

probably a mindless hack and slash game, hope I'm wrong.

Avatar image for tabyrd32

What a boring looking character.... did he need to escape completely unfazed? No battle scars? Hope he is at least a gray jedi.

Avatar image for Mogan

@tabyrd32: God, no. Gray Jedi are marysue fanfic material. 'I want all the power of Light and Dark with none of the downsides! Because I'm special!'

Avatar image for tabyrd32

@Mogan: lol it's not "marysue fanfic material" moron. There was a grey jedi in Knights of the Old Republic. It doesn't make you more powerful and it doesn't make them special (again, you're a moron.), grey jedi are force users who don't care about the jedi or sith codes.

Avatar image for mezzanine58

@tabyrd32: Why would he have battle scars if he escaped? If he'd been involved in a battle, then, as an inexperienced padawan he'd have been killed. Especially he'd been wounded! As for 'unfazed'. As I remember it, Kanaan was hardly a shaking and gibbering mess when Rebels flashed back to his beginnings either.

Gray Jedi? They're making this game for everyone, not just hardcore SW fans, and there is no way the general public would understand what the hell a 'gray jedi' is. Also - the whole gray jedi thing is no longer canon.

Avatar image for tabyrd32

@mezzanine58: calm down fanboy, it was just a suggestion. He should have scars, padawan or not. Padawan doesn't mean total inexperience either. Gray jedi isn't a hard concept to understand at all so I have no idea what you're talking about. And just because some things stopped being canon doesn't mean gray jedi isn't a thing.

I'm sure you will just be content with a simple good vs evil story and an over powered character with no problems, I'm sure you would be happy with this game being a mindless hack and slash game.

Avatar image for thedarklinglord

Something about that dude's face is really off-putting. Please tell me I can put a mask or helmet or something over it, and leave it on during cutscenes.

Avatar image for outlawwitcher61

So why did all the other Star Wars games get cancelled if this one is a single player game? I thought the other one made by Visceral was cancelled because it wasn't live service....

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

@outlawwitcher61: Seems Respawn has some essence of creative freedom or maybe EA are ok with it as long as Respawn has a multiplayer game on the side like Apex Legends.

Avatar image for salty101

@gamingdevil800: Probably because the people at Respawn proved before they'll ditch EA if they have to.

Avatar image for mistertech

Thought singleplayer games were out EA? Hope it does well for you so you can eat your words. Looks great!

Avatar image for uninspiredcup

He's terrific in Gotham. Glad he's getting big work outside of it.

Avatar image for ukgamer51

where's the gameplay then ? I was hoping this would be an open world like skyrim

Avatar image for mezzanine58

@ukgamer51: It won't be open world, and nothing like Skyrim. Feels like it's going to be very much on rails, something similar to the Force Unleashed, but you know, as a Jedi.

Avatar image for Mogan

@ukgamer51: Just the reveal unfortunately. But it's coming out this year, so I imagine Fallen Order will feature pretty big at EA's near E3 event.

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

@Mogan: I thought EA pulled out of E3 this year?

Avatar image for Mogan

@gamingdevil800: They've been pulled out of E3 for a while, but they always have some kind of event right around it. They said this year was just going to be a series of live streams, rather than a big show.

Avatar image for Jigen32

Although i am a little worried about EA being behind this game. The more information I hear the more I am intrigued. Looks good so far. EA, don't screw this up.

Avatar image for Blade_Runner_07

It looks promising but I'm worried this is a slightly better realized Force Unleashed. I don't like all the blatant hype for something we still haven't seen any gameplay for and is supposed to be out before the end of the year. I'm guessing the game isn't that long and they are saving in-game footage for e3 so we don't end up seeing a great chunk of the game before launch.

Avatar image for mezzanine58

@Blade_Runner_07: That's exactly what it's going to be. Studios just don't seem to get that sandbox is the way to go. I have no interest in a game I'll play through in less than 10 hours then never pick up again.