Gotcha Force Pre-TGS Update

Capcom shows off its GameCube action game.


At a press event today in Japan Capcom showed off its upcoming 3D action game Gotcha Force. Producer Hitomi Nishimoto gave those in attendance an overview of the upcoming action game.

The head-to-head action game will focus on three major elements: fighting, collection, and trading. You'll use palm-sized machines called Gotcha Borgs to fight against a group called "Death Force." Combat will take place in real time and will be set in a variety of different themed arenas. As you defeat enemies you'll collect those robots for your own personal collection. The borgs will come in various types such as ninjas, dragons, robots, and battleships. Each borg will have its own unique weapons such as 100 round Gatling guns, drills to burrow underground, and wires to grab an opponent.

You'll find over 200 borgs in the game, some of which are quite rare. As your collection of borgs grows you'll be able to trade them with a friend. The game will feature a single-player story mode that follows the adventures of a young boy as he sets out to stop the Death Force, and a multiplayer mode for up to four-players to compete on a splitscreen. You'll be able to engage in all out brawls or two-on-two team battles.

The game features a bright, cartoony appearance that complements the varied designs of the Gotcha Borgs. The character models are detailed and feature clean designs that are very much in line with the game's obvious anime influences. Gotcha Force is slated to be playable on the TGS show floor this Friday, check back with us for hands-on impressions soon.

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