Got Game signs Conspiracies

Got Game Entertainment announces that it will publish Anima's futuristic adventure game in North America later this year. First screens inside.



Got Game Entertainment has today announced that it will publish Conspiracies in North America later this year. The game, which was developed by Greece-based Anima Interactive, is a futuristic first-person adventure in which players will assume the role of a medical software developer named Nick Delios who is asked to help solve a murder case.

Further details on Conspiracies are scarce at present, but today's press release does mention that the game will feature 30 characters, more than 230 puzzles, and around two hours of video. Got Game also stated that the game will take players more than 20 hours to complete, and that the multiple conspiracies featured in the game's plot extend beyond the planet Earth.

Conspiracies is currently scheduled for release in North America toward the end of this year. We'll bring you more information on the game as soon as it becomes available.

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