Got Game gets Alida

Got Game Entertainment announces that it will publish Cos Russo's upcoming adventure game in North America next year.


Got Game Entertainment has announced that it has secured the North American publishing rights to Alida. The puzzle-based adventure game, which was created by a lone Australian named Cos Russo and developed by Dejavu Worlds, is scheduled for release on the Mac early in 2004 with a PC version to follow later in the year.

The game is set on a guitar-shaped island theme park named Alida, which was created by a young and very successful band. Several years after the band splits up and abandons the island, the band's manager gets in touch with the former members and suggests a reunion of sorts. When former band member Arin leaves for the island, however, he's not heard from again, and so his wife Julia sends players off to find him.

We'll bring you more information on Alida as soon as it becomes available.

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