Gorn PlayStation 4 VR Release Date Announced, And It's Soon

Gorn is bringing cartoon violence to VR users on PlayStation 4 soon, complete with a less gory pinata mode.


Gorn, the violent gladiator VR brawler that launched on PC in 2019 to strong reviews, is coming to PlayStation VR. The wait isn't long, either--it'll be available on May 19, and it'll feature a mode that will turn the gore down.

In Gorn, you handle weapons from a first-person perspective and battle rubbery-looking enemies. You can shoot them, stab them, chop them, and also disarm them or use their own weapons against them.

The launch trailer is below, and more details can be read over at the PlayStation Blog.

Also in this version is a pinata mode, which replaces the blood that usually flows from your opponents with candy--making the game a bit less visceral for folks who don't like blood.

Another big upcoming PSVR game, Marvel's Iron Man VR, was recently delayed due to COVID-19.

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