Gorilla unveils Trog

Gorilla Systems shows off its new card-battle game.


Gorilla Systems Corporation dropped by the GameSpot offices to show its upcoming project, a cross-media collectible game called Trog. Trog is a collectible card game, similar to Wizards of the Coast's Magic the Gathering and Pokémon games. It's set in a sci-fi backdrop, where players assume the role of collectors who assemble and biogenetically engineer warriors for arena combat. Trogs can be equipped with organic weapons, and collectors can take advantage of such card effects as weapon malfunctions and acts of God. Up to four players can enter a single match, alternating turns in a single-elimination format.

The PC version of Trog translates the mechanics behind the card game for online competition. The cards can be used with the reader peripheral enclosed in the starter set to mix and match the decks on the PC, which introduces dynamic 3D visuals to the tabletop game. Trog features encrypted servers to combat cheating players and will have a detailed stats tracking and ranking system when released. Proposed incentives for playing Trog online include competing in tournaments and having your Trog configurations and ideas implemented in future products in the Trog line. Trog makes use of the graphics engine behind Gorilla Systems' other title, Raze the Roof, which allows for destructible, interactive environments that will reflect the damage caused by battles in real time.

Besides the PC game, which will include the necessary software, card reader, and starter set of cards, Trog cards will be made available in blister packs, as will action figures and accessory versions of the more than 100 different cards. Trog is still currently in development and should be released by fall of 2002.

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