Gorgeous Strategy Game Duelyst Coming to PS4, Xbox One, and Steam

The strategy game that mixes pixels with hand-drawn art will also make its way to mobile. No official dates have been announced.


Tactical strategy game Duelyst is already available on PC through its own launcher, but the free-to-play game is also headed to PS4, Xbox One, Steam, and mobile devices. GameSpot got the opportunity to speak to developer Counterplay Games, who revealed the news alongside a new trailer.

Duelyst's gameplay mixes Fire Emblem-like tactical strategy with a card game like Hearthstone. You summon units and cast spells by playing cards you draw from a deck. Additionally, the visuals blend pixel art and hand-drawn illustrations, courtesy of Rogue Legacy and Chasm artist Glauber Kotaki. You can check out some of its art in the gallery below.

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There's no official date for the game's release on Steam, consoles, or mobile devices, but GameSpot will keep you up to date as more information is revealed. Counterplay has been privately testing the game on Steam, with the latest update coming in July. It said at the time that it was on the verge of sending out more invitations to the test. You can sign up for Duelyst's Steam Preview here.

Duelyst is currently available via the game's official website. If you want to see the tactical strategy in action, you can watch Counterplay Games' Keith Lee play Duelyst on The Lobby.

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