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Gore Verbinski studio making a Kinect game

Pirates of the Caribbean director's production company signs development deal for Microsoft platforms; XBLA project up first.


Blind Wink, the transmedia production company from Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski, today announced that it has signed an exclusive deal to deliver "original interactive entertainment content" to Microsoft platforms worldwide.

Gore Verbinski has Kinect-ed with Microsoft.
Gore Verbinski has Kinect-ed with Microsoft.

The first fruit of this partnership is set to be an Xbox Live Arcade title for the Kinect, with a release window of late 2012. The project is being internally developed at Blind Wink. No other details on the project were revealed, but Blind Wink noted that the deal may include media beyond games.

Verbinski has a history with game-related projects. Notably, Verbinski was attached to the big-screen adaptation of Irrational Games' BioShock. However, that project entered development limbo due to its ballooning projecting costs. Verbinski also advocated "madness" within the game industry during his 2008 DICE keynote address.

Blind Wink was founded in 2008. This year's Rango from Paramount Pictures marked the company's first production.

Verbinski is not the first big-name film director that Microsoft has entered into a partnership with. In 2006, the software giant announced a partnership with Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson, though that collaboration ultimately proved unfruitful.

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