Gordon Ramsay Doesn't Know What Twitch Is, But Streamers Are More Than Willing To Show Him

He may not understand what Twitch is, but he knows how to make a running joke out of it.


Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay may know all about cooking (and hosting cooking shows), but he doesn't know what Twitch is. That's probably about to change.

In the premiere episode of Ramsay's new cooking show on Fox, Next Level Chef, Ramsay encountered contestant Tricia Wang, who said she streams her cooking on Twitch when asked what she does for a living. That, somewhat predictably, led to Ramsay asking a question that may have been on the mind of more than a few unfamiliar viewers.

“What the Fuck is Twitch” -Gordon Ramsay @GordonRamsay @Twitch
Everyone watching from twitch: ☹️ pic.twitter.com/aELiN8Ixrv

— triciaisabirdy (@triciaisabirdy) January 3, 2022

Now, Ramsay is embracing his ignorance as streamers reach out on social media to collaborate with the chef, even as he wears his confusion in regards to the streaming platform as a badge of honor. His Twitter profile currently reads "Always near food…doesn't know what Twitch is."

Omg what timeline am I living in right now@Twitch @GordonRamsay pic.twitter.com/Vm9XUWeDGh

— triciaisabirdy (@triciaisabirdy) January 3, 2022

Twitch got in on the fun too. The official Twitch Twitter briefly changed its bio to reference the chef, and Ramsay later tweeted at the official Twitch account asking if they could explain what their platform is all about. Twitch responded by writing it would teach the chef to stream if he could teach them "how to make a proper wellington."

Of course, but let's go big. We'll teach you how to live stream if you teach us how to cook a proper wellington.

— Twitch (@Twitch) January 3, 2022

It's all equaling some great free publicity for Next Level Chef, which is likely all part of Ramsay's plan. But that's not to say he isn't being sincere when he admits he doesn't know what Twitch is. Though Twitch users number in the millions, it still pales in comparison to the number of people actively using YouTube or Netflix, for example, with the latter having more than 200 million paid subscribers.

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